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      I personally like that Treyarch introduced probation in Black Ops 2. It only kicks in after leaving an obscene amount of games, which really isn't an issue unless you are a poor sport that rage quits at the first sign of being challenged by the other team.


      We all have joined matches that are almost over with your team losing, but instead of just leaving the match, you should just stay in the game and wait for the next map to load. Half the reason that you even join these losing matches is because others rage quit before you, and you leaving this game out of frustration just creates a feedback cycle; probation aims to end these scenarios by providing a negative consequence for rage quitting.


      tl;dr = probation is good because constantly rage quitting is pathetic.

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          1. Re: Probation

          Sustainability wrote:


          unless you are a poor sport that rage quits at the first sign of being challenged by the other team.



          tl;dr = probation is good because constantly rage quitting is pathetic.

          You're a poor sport if you have to set up Guardians and Sentry Guns on spawns that instantly kill people the instant they spawn.


          If I quit a game because I have no chance of moving, only to be put into a game where this same thing is happening, leave, and then get put on probation?! Bullshit!

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            2. Re: Probation

            I have honestly never seen that happen.

            What game modes do you play?

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              probation is good because you join a match and you're down 73 to 12 and there's dogs and all kinds of stuff flying around in the air.  Stick around and die 15 times in a 2 vs 6 match and take a free loss.  Yeah, that sounds outstanding.  Or start a match where people are running in place, you can't get a hitmarker, can't run through a door because somebody's connection is terrible and you keep warping all over the place...yeah, stick around and play that match for 10 and a half minutes and have a wonderful time. 


              I back the hell out of any of those situations pretty regularly and although I've never had the probation thing hit me, I can definitely understand people's frustration when they get hit with it.  That and I'm so sick of playing Hijacked over and over and over.  If i get thrown into a game on that map, i'm out no matter what the score is. 

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                4. Re: Probation

                Yep. I think that it is good to keep the crybabies out of lobbies by slapping them with probation. If you constantly are in matches where the other team is raining scorestreaks down on you then you shouldn't die as much or adapt your classes so you can't be targeted by every single AI controlled scorestreak.


                Also, if you see a map that you don't like while matchmaking, just back out of the lobby before the game begins.


                Again, probation only kicks in when you leave a silly amount of games, so I don't think you are going to be punished for leaving the few games that it actually makes sense to quit (bad lag, boosters, glitchers, etc.)

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                  5. Re: Probation

                  Yeah. Because I am sure every single match you have ever joined has been like that. Probation only kicks in if you rage quit a TON of games, and I personally guarantee that each match that you backed out of wasn't like that.

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                    6. Re: Probation

                    you do understand that we are talking about being thrown into games like that...not starting from the beginning and just getting wrecked.  Backing out of a lobby doesn't do anything, but backing out of the game that you just got thrown into, does. 


                    I agree with everything you said in your scenerio...but we are talking about hitting "Find Match"  and it just dumping you into games that are already underway and the other team already has their stuff setup.

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                      7. Re: Probation

                      I'm fine with that. My point is that every single match that you get put into isn't like the scenario that you are describing, so you that means that you are quitting games a lot for other (probably not as noble) reasons.


                      If the match you join has your team getting destroyed 180 - 30 then you should just tough it out for the remaining 2 minutes and then get your revenge on the next map when everyone starts off on an even footing.

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                        8. Re: Probation

                        actually it does happen quite frequently.  And no, I don't back out of games just because we start losing.  Nice try though.   Terrible lag or getting thrown into a slaughterhouse with no chance are the only reasons I back out

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                          9. Re: Probation

                          Wasn't really just singling you out as much as I was addressing others who probably share your argument, though I can see how it can be taken that way seeing how I wrote it.


                          Either way, they won't get rid of probation and I am happy about it considering that it doesn't truly hurt anyone that actually enjoys the game and it punishes those that are ultimately causing others to join games midway through a losing match.

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