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        120. Re: Probation

        Never once been put on probation, and have had the game since release and am a 85% HC player. YOU are doing it wrong.

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          121. Re: Probation

          I regard the introduction of probation as a tacit acknowledgement by the developers that the game has serious problems.  Basically, if a game was in the main any good, people would tend to stick around to play it.  But, drop-outs have become so common, the devs feel it necessary to 'punish' people for not sticking out a rubbish match. 


          But why should people, who have paid money, be expected to tolerate a seemingly commonly-occurring poor gaming experience?  The main reasons underlying this 'gaming experience' problem seem to me to be:


          Lag compensation issue: We all know the problem, but it is a *serious* problem which should never have been permitted in the final shipped version of the game.


          Over-board kill streaks:  Got lots of kills?  Hell, have a Loadestar/dog pack/swarm etc to ruin the opposing players game even more...!  (Ok, this is a personal gripe, but really, if someone is nailing the other team players already, why give them the tools to do it even more and more easily?!)


          Team balancing: Ok, team balancing is tricky and probably impossible to get properly right, but it seems to me to only be a minority of games that are 'close run things'.  More often than not, as a match gets to the final quarter, it's a foregone conclusion and people on the losing side start to leave.  That is, its not worth the losing players staying to the end.  One easily resolvable issue is for people who do not play in a party or clan, but who play alone ('lone' players are at a disadvantage) - I suggest having a better selection of game-types in Mercenary.

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            122. Re: Probation

            Probation is bullshit i get probation just becuase i kill a teammate actalyy and if i kill a teammate agian i keep getting it and it bull **** when i in middle of game and i have to work then i come back and iam on probation it ******* stupid needs to be gone for good

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              123. Re: Probation

              Never once been put on probation, and have had the game since release and am a 85% HC player. YOU are doing it wrong.

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                124. Re: Probation

                I see many adults claiming that they get probation warnings etc due to needing to leave to attend to IRL stuff/not having fun.


                It saddens me to see so many adults fail to prioritise their time correctly and exercise such poor sportsmanship. I am actually struggling to think of a time I had to switch off the console due to something that happened IRL, I dont play anything like CoD if I'm going to have to turn it off at a moments notice. Thats just plain common sense. Something I would expect a 30 year old adult to have acquired. I play HC, I have a young son, a wife and a job. I haven't been landed with Probation ONCE in this game. Not once. Why? I'm not an arse about when I play, I dont try to squeeze a game in here and there when its likely I wont have time. I get on when I have no other distractions and can happily game away to my hearts content. Sure I've had to jump out for some reason or another every so often, but not often enough to get probation.


                Anyone who HAS had that happen, quite frankly, is timing their gaming sessions wrong. IRL is NO excuse, the older you claim to be, the weaker it is.

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                  125. Re: Probation

                  There is no excuse at all to get probation. IRL or not.

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                    126. Re: Probation

                    bull **** i play Hc 100%, i dont leave games unless i have stupid teammates keep getting in my way when i am shooting it been happening to me alot lately and i just starting to have this problem and this probation need to go way  its not fair to people and how the hell iam doing it wrong u *******

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                      127. Re: Probation

                      and i have this game since it came out also

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                        128. Re: Probation

                        I play HC modes. My beef with probation is that you can earn it without shooting anyone on your team. A friend runs up to my bettie when an enemy is near enough to trip it and Boom-team kill. I put one bullet into a burning car and a friend dies from th eexplosion 3 minutes later-Boom, team kill. Probation needs to be replaced with extended respawn times for team killing and a VOTE function after 3 TKs. That would be a kick/nokick vote...

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                          129. Re: Probation

                          Seems pretty simple, if your bettys are killing friendlies , stop using them? Oooor use your brain and don't put them  in an area likely to kill them ( ie  a bottleneck that both teams fight over). Secondly, don't shoot the car!! Or blow it up right off the bat so it can't kill your team .


                            The point of HC is to watch what you do.. if you don't want to do that, just play core.

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