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        90. Re: Probation

        Well you have to quit games the CORRECT way when leaving a game and you wont get probation. If you cheat the system and dashboard of course you are going to get probation.


        not a difficult concept to understand.


        BTW not "everyone quits games".

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          91. Re: Probation

          Thats the reason they have REPORT features all over .


          Dont blame others for your lack of skill.


          how come we get the same cheaters you do and some of us have never seen probation ?

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            92. Re: Probation

            You wont but did not wait until it got back to the lobby itself before leaving the match. If you leave before it returns to the original lobby it is still considered a quit even if the match was over. No leaving quicker to make changes and find a match sooner. You have to wait through the kill cam, and then back to the lobby before leaving that lobby to do anything else. Anything else is a quit to the system.

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              93. Re: Probation

              I agree, I was playing league play and TWICE, TWICE because of my shitty connection, which Im getting fixed, kicked me out and what do I get? PROBATION! TWICE this has happened. But I don't blame Treyarch. I just wish they would recognize I'm not leaving, Im getting kicked out, and lots of other people are probably getting the same problem.

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                94. Re: Probation

                To the game any leave for any reason is a quit. it is a blanket fix for the problem but does not really work. just like 3tk kick in hardcore is not perfect, nor was ricochet in IW games. Blanket fixes are easier and quicker then making complex code to watch a person to see exactly why they left the game. Plus with no dedicates servers it is harder for them to tell the exact reason, since the host stores all the match data, if the host leaves all data is lost, so no one finished the match= everyone quit.

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                  95. Re: Probation

                  Get three host dasboards in core or hc within 1 hour you get probation. get kicked from 3 games in hc for tk for any reason you get probation. And this can happen more often than you think it does.


                  Leave one match in League in champions you get probation. quit or dashboard.


                  Now you can dashboard out of about 3 matches in core or hardcore before you get probation if done wihtin a 1 hour span. Just play 1 hour with out and you wont get it again until the next 3 in one hour.


                  But once you start getting it, any other leave for any reason will get you probation again too. regular quit, dashboard, host dasbhoard, tk kick and it requires less the next time to get it.


                  I know I have had it about 5 times in one hour and only left maybe 5  matches and had several host dashboards and been trolled out of hc by teammates destroying betties in the past.


                  The one I earned for leaving is not an issue it is the extra ones that were not earned becuse of being trolled or having the host dahsboard that is the problem most people have.

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                    96. Re: Probation

                    Probation periods sound like a way to stop people from quiting early.... However, there are too many times that the server lags out or the game ends and it is of no fault to the player.  I think the writers of the game should spend more time on figuring out the bugs in their game before they start punishing players for the poor game performance. On some of the maps players are prone to kill their own team due to the nature of the map.  It isn't the fault of the player if his own team member steps in front of him while he is shooting at the enemy, and still in this situation you have the potential of getting kicked from the game.  I suppose everyone has a choice of what games and what company they will buy their games from.  I sincerly hope that the next Call of Duty game is not a Treyarch game. If so, I may have to take up knitting. 

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                      97. Re: Probation

                      Disconnects and such are not enough to put people on probation.


                      If their internet is bad enough where it drops them enough to GET probation then the problems not the game, its the persons internet. They need to find out why like rebooting your connection or calling your ISP.


                      We all play the same exact game as you how come 90 percent of us has ever seen probation ?

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                        98. Re: Probation

                        I was playing then my ps3 frozen so I had to turn it off then I get back on and it puts me on probation when it freezes how many games do you have to play so it dose put you in probation (btw I don't quit games)

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                          99. Re: Probation

                          Dont know this is an XBOX forum

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