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      ok, I notice it alot more now than previous titles, but teammates are constantly running into you, bumping you out of the way, getting in front of you, running thru/over you to grab a tag (KC) of somone you just killed.....getting kind of frustrating,
      Anyone else noticing this?

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          yes, it seem there is more «bumping» than in bo1. I try to remediate to it by always passing on the right side of teammates when in tight situation, like I would do in real life in a corridor or hallway for example.

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              Yes. Unless you're in a party, teaming has been pretty terrible thus far. I don't care if someone grabs tags in KC honestly, but I get super P.O.'d when a guy runs in front of me blocking my view, especially through corridors. I don't know how many times I've been killed by a guy dashing past me and then gets mowed down, leaving me eating the rest of the bullets that were put into him before I know what's up.