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    **** BO2 - GOOD NEWS STORIES ****

      Sure we don't like some aspects of the game lag, spawns et al.


      But we must all be enjoying moments of fun otherwise no one would play right.


      Here's a spot to share a thought, a fun moment an achievement or any good news with your Colleagues


      All comments most welcome here's one to start........


      Old gallp used a sniper for the first time in a full game ever. Yep played for years and never used one in a full game. Went 10-5 OK not gr8 but its a start .


      Cheers all gallp

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          1. Re: **** BO2 - GOOD NEWS STORIES ****

          Today I got the "Nucleur" medal by getting a 30 gun streak in Sharpshooter. Got myself quite the fancy playercard background

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            2. Re: **** BO2 - GOOD NEWS STORIES ****

            ive also just took up snipng and have been getting some pretty decent scores ive also been playing only using the kap-40 which is alot of fun to use

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              3. Re: **** BO2 - GOOD NEWS STORIES ****

              Oh no, over to the darkside, please don't learn that scoping thing they do....


              There are some really innovative aspects to the game, just struggling at the mo for certain reasons. The most fun i have had this far, is me acting like a complete tool falling to my death loads of times on certain maps, then doing the exact same thing, yep i'm a noob, but i can laugh at myself.

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                4. Re: **** BO2 - GOOD NEWS STORIES ****

                So here we go... I just bought an xbox360 for BO2. Had a PS3 for years sold it got tired of waiting a month for dlc. and to my own amazment i enjoy the 360 like a fat kid enjoys cake..some of my friend say BO2 is bad they cant get kills I on the other hand love it now it is a lil harder to camp in (and trust me i camp hardcore) but its forced me to become a better player i think so kudos to you guys @ BO2!!!!

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                  5. Re: **** BO2 - GOOD NEWS STORIES ****

                  Good thread, gallp... nice to see something positive.


                  I think my good time moment had to come in a match on Plaza in which everything just went right. Ended up 32-4 with 1578.18 SPM. Was just one of those matches in which everything just seemed to go my way.


                  Had a great moment in the final killcam the other day as well. On Cargo, was having a good match as well. We get a UAV up as I am climbing up into the  building from the forklift outside the window. I notice some red dots  outside on the outside staircase/picnic table area so head through the office and out onto the veranda, picked off a guy with a clean headshot as he was coming up the stairs.


                  Final kill cam shows my shot, but something I missed as well in the excitement: The guy frisbee'd a Betty at me as I was shooting him. So in the kill cam you see me, coming out shooting him in the head while this glowing red disc flies at my face and proceeds to bounce off my forehead.


                  Good times. I think moments like this far outweigh any of my minor complaints about this title.It's why I play CoD. Was playing with a full party and we all had a nice laugh about it.

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                    6. Re: **** BO2 - GOOD NEWS STORIES ****



                    Slow it down put the thinking cap on.




                    whole new experience. MURDEROUS FUN

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                      7. Re: **** BO2 - GOOD NEWS STORIES ****

                      40+ kills every game during my placement matches in moshpit was really fun but unfortunately somehow got put in bronze league D:. But still had loads of fun playing objective.

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                        8. Re: **** BO2 - GOOD NEWS STORIES ****

                        Pissed Off With Lag ?


                        equip an LSAT


                        add scavenger and FMJ to deal with pesky head glitches


                        A little of red from from old gallps cellar and you got an evening o fun!


                        Hard to avoid a Wall O Lead

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                          9. Re: **** BO2 - GOOD NEWS STORIES ****

                          Great thread! Reminds me of the "Wiggy's success stories" and "Community" threads from the Blops forum!
                          *Bookmarks thread




                          Right now, my good news is that I am over halfway to finishing the initial Camo challenges for my Assault Shield! Wanna get it gold and get it to prestige level 2:D

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