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    Quick tip for those who wish to raise their Kills/Downs Ratio relatively quickly

      Go to custom games, pick survival on town, put the settings on easy and start at round 15. Make sure privacy settings are set to CLOSED so no one joins.


      Start the game, pack a punch your pistol, and stick near the jug door or down those stairs for a round or 2 or until you need to open it, get jug, and I would recommend getting maybe 500 kills or so before you end the game. If you get trapped, end the game before you die to avoid getting another down on your stats. If you die and you don't want the game to count, dashboard (Xbox) or quit game (PS3).


      Don't bother buying quick revive as you don't need it, I would recommend getting another gun and pack a punching it to speed things up (ray gun or HAMR recommended, also monkey bombs are helpful).


      This will speed things up if you want to rank up


      I got about 4000 kills and 0 downs total today by doing this and got my KD to 150 something which will enable me to rank up to shotguns very soon ( )


      I hope you found this helpful and if you have any questions leave a comment!