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    Underground Bunker in Tranzit.. and Other maps.

      Ok, so I am 17 and I am in Highschool. I am not a little kid and i am being completely serious. My friend has been playing alot of BO2 Zombies, and we were talking and I said that I was getting bored of tranzit and that I wish there were more maps.  He said that there were and he was flaberghasted that i didnt know about them.  He said he downloaded them off the PS3 store and they were like a Hospital and Tokyo or something.  he bought them for 10 dollars each.  but ever since the new ps3 store update they arent on their anymore.  He said that they appeared on the globe in the menu, and when he plays it it say "playing black ops II Hospital" but i havent seen anything about! 


      Also, and i can confirm because we have done it,on tranzit, in the fog near the dinner and church, there are these door on the ground and you can open them and go under and there is an underground bunker with alot of guns and crap on the wall like the hk21 and comando and cz21s and a box.  Its crazy! i have seen nothing about them online or anything, but it is big! i am trying to hook up my youtube to ps3 to put up videos, probably tomorrow or next day when i can.


      if you know anything about this please say something, people need to find out about this!


      Give credit to me though!! lol