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    Looking for Black OPs II clan. Xbox 360.

      I am a 31 y/o old father of three. I am completely new to FPS's and I really really want to get better. I am looking for a clan that is willing and able to help mold a new player into something worth the batteries it takes to power the controller. If there is an active clan out there that is interested in taking on a project please send me a message. My gamer tag is Tempatanchrum.

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          Hi, I'm ViperShot II we have and active clan 40+ mebers it's called SC4R i will help you and make you something better and give you the energy for that controller of yourse so yeah i will message you remember please reply to my messages otherwise i will think your not intrested if your not them id rather you be truthfully thanks ViperShot II i will have a 1v1 if your wondering what thats is its a 1 person verses another person i will set that up for us and i will talk to you in a party and tell you what to press and i will also boost you up and get you better guns, And hopefully by helping you, You might want to join us SC4R .



          ViperShot II