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    Most of YOU are to Blame For UAV Spamming!

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      Keep on reading complaints about UAV's being spammed/Over used,

      Well.. Ive just played 30 games of Public Ground War (new game each time)

      an i can Honestly say in those 30 games i was the ONLY 1 Shooting down UAV's


      They are the easiest Scorestreak to deal with + they add to your own Scorestreak

      and they litterally take 4 seconds to deal with


      If more people shot them down, less people would use them as it would be

      a waste of a scorestreak if they are shot down straight away.


      30 Public games = 510 unique players to Lazy to deal with what they complain about!




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          1. Re: Most of YOU are to Blame For UAV Spamming!

          UAVs are hardly ever up very long when I use them, or if they are put up against me.


          As you say they are very easy to deal with.

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            2. Re: Most of YOU are to Blame For UAV Spamming!

            I do agree to a point, but you have to understand their frustration as well. With the amount of UAV spamming, it would literally have to make the player just sit there the whole match shooting down those things. Do you really expect people to just go into a match and shoot down all the UAVs that pop up? If anything, those people would be weighing the team down because they would be more focused on the UAV than getting kills. Doing this inhibits players from playing the game the way they want to.


            I am tired of the spamming as well but i just deal with it. No i dont shoot them down because I am not going to waste a few seconds looking for the thing when i could already be halfway back to the fight. And the amount of time it takes for you to locate it, and fire would not be worth it. Not to mention if they call another one in after that and then another after that. It is just not worth wasting time trying to destroy them if they keep getting called like that.

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              3. Re: Most of YOU are to Blame For UAV Spamming!

              I'll take those free 75 points all day long.

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                4. Re: Most of YOU are to Blame For UAV Spamming!

                In a way i like them to be up as i can fool they enemy with ghost.. I love knowing one is up and running into a room of enemys facing the other way ads-ing with one eye on the red dot on their gun and the other red dot on their baby map...takes the piss, all these red dot chasers!

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                  5. Re: Most of YOU are to Blame For UAV Spamming!

                  Well if everyone thought like that, then thats why we have this

                  new term called "Uav Spam".. I just incorporate dealing with them

                  into my normal game play + its the 1st thing i check when i respawn.


                  I think a lot of people views are that :

                  "its not there problem, let someone else deal with it".. what is fine.

                  But then they complain when players are just chasing red dots on the map

                  or that there are too many Uav's in the game.


                  I just think Players need to either to start taking responsibility or stop complaining!

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                    6. Re: Most of YOU are to Blame For UAV Spamming!

                    Not everyone feels the same way. Not everyone is going to want to go into a match just to shoot those things down. I just deal with it because I see it as a waste of time. It would literally take you 15+ seconds just to do this and even more if you were in the middle of the gunfight. That is 15 seconds you could have used to get kills.


                    You would only be helping your team out a little bit. But if there is a UAV spam, you are better off helping your team getting kills than you would be shooting them down.

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                      7. Re: Most of YOU are to Blame For UAV Spamming!

                      Surely you never get killed while you look up?


                      If I had to put out an estimate, I get killed once every three UAVs I shoot down.


                      If I try to shoot it down with FMJ...

                      I fail every single time.



                      TRY to shoot down an UAV with SMR FMJ in an average game, before the UAV flies.


                      It takes literally 60 bullets fired on that small target, where perhaps 30 are registered as hits.



                      v As that guy sais, I love UAVs now that I have perma-unlocked Ghost.



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                        8. Re: Most of YOU are to Blame For UAV Spamming!

                        Sure they are increasing the points for UAV soon anyways..lets see how that works first

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                          9. Re: Most of YOU are to Blame For UAV Spamming!

                          All I have to say is that I am in between on this. On one hand yes, each team member should be taking responsibility and shooting down the UAV if it is that frequent, but on the other hand, they shouldnt be forced to stop what they are doing and focus on a scorestreak that can easily be replaced with another in a matter of seconds all match.


                          In either case, I really dont care. The only thing I am tired of is hearing that another one is up. I dont care that it is up because that does not inhibit the way that I personally play, I just hate hearing it that often.

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