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    Zombie Ranks KD Requirement Theory (KD Ranges?) NOT CONFIRMED IN ANY WAY, JUST SPECULATION

      So, I'm thinking they double every time. One thing I did notice is these values change depending on the amount of kills you have. The values listed below are minimums, I believe.



      Let's start with crossbones. You need a 20 KD to get the crossbones. Now, to get the Skull, you need to get a 40 KD. Skull with knife is an 80, and Shotguns are 160.


      Now, the ranges (as I stated above the values may change) are as follows:


      Crossbones: 20-24

      Skull: 40-48

      Skull w/ Knife: 80-95

      Skull w/ Shotguns: 160-180


      Notice how these ranges double every time, correct?


      This is still a work in progress and by no means the final solution to the KD mystery, but take it as a grain of salt until I figure out more acurate values.


      If you want to comment, don't just say "cus i am smaort, der are flaws in ur thery, so ur dumbb", as I won't reply back and therefore would have wasted your time writing this comment.

      I want to work with you guys and figure this out.


      Oh, if you are confused as to what this means, go see my other topic. And also, my other topic might need to be updated just a little bit, as I said the tallies are based on KD, which is wrong; they are only based on consistency (2 games a day, reflects on and after 7:00 PM EST the next game you play).


      Next thing I will try to find is that minimum number of kills variable, I'm still working on it.


      Thanks, leave nice comments please.

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