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    Tranzit Easter Egg Next Possible Step!!!  Deathbringer and Spider please read.

      Earlier I was playing with a completely random person and we were depositing money in the bank.  And I was running the zombie around the town when I noticed the sewer lids.  They read PG&E.  Nothing special I guess.  But there is also a circle with a triangle in it!!!!  And look at them, they look like they are interactable.  Can you guys please get your bro's together and try turbines on all 4 of these.  I think this may be the way to go underground as the bus driver talks about as you are en route to town.  Anyways, I don't know if its been tried or even noticed but I havent read anything on heard telling me that it had.  I suggest turbines on here because it shows a tower, a circle with a triangle and 3.0 and a qoute "Enjoy the power".  PLease dont disregard this.


      **Note, that sedan picture in the beginning has a guy holding a circle or something next to a sedan.  In close proximity to each one of those manholes there is a sedan.  And I noticed the sedan first by orange orb that spider said was just a lighting glitch.  But now Im not so sure.


      Also there is a huge crack in the pavement that is unique to that area.  I tried grenades, semtex, emps, (also emp'd the moon room, the church, the bowling alley, the laundr-0-mat, nothing happened anywhere)  Im thinking jetgun that thing.  I will try that one tomorrow night though.  Just saying a possibility.


      Finally, hit the box with all four characters!!!  I noticed something!  Samuel and the black guy see blue colors, sometimes the sparkling orb coming from the box!!  The chick and the nerd see red and red sparkles occasionally when going through the box!!  Maxis is red, Richtofen is blue!!!  I truly cant believe we didnt notice this before!   And now we know that each side of the Tower of Babble can be done with two people.  Seems so obvious.  So I believe you have to do Maxis with the Chick and the Nerd and immediately following turn on the power and do Richtofen with Samuel and the hobo.  I have heard theories about this, but this seems like obvious proof just by color and association and I haven't noticed anyone talking specifically about this before. 


      Anyways, I was running all over the map tonight just looking around.  I specifically called out Spider and Death because Spider is constantly making vids that help us out and seems to have a good support system in that I mean people who are willing to try these things.  Death, you seem to be a well respected member of the community and I think these clearly has some probable cause to be the next part in the eggs. 


      I am usually on 1500-2130 Pacific Time.  My xbox gt is: itzsilentbison

      Spider or Death, it would be an honor to play with you guys but if you have full parties or dont want to do this with a noob, I understand.  Also, anyone who wants to do it, send me a friend request and we shall hit it up tomorrow.  All I ask is that you have knowledge of how to complete the tower of babble both sides (as we don't know which characters we will be) because its hard to explain how to do it and do it at the same time.

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