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    Can someone explain this to me? Because I don't get it.


      I started playing CoD back when CoD4 came out. The glory days were fun. People just running around and shooting each other in the back of the face. People stayed in games and took their losses so they could try again next round, or so they could get their xp and look for a less tryhard-y lobby afterwards. Now, in Black Ops 2, I can't go 2 games without the other team leaving or dashboarding. I don't get it. Why do so many people leave when they fail to spray me down with their MP7 or Remington? Don't even try the whole "lag comp" excuse, because I suffered from it in the first week, and now I barely even feel it. Sure, I get shot around corners a few times a match, but nowhere near enough for me to cut my xbox off mid-game. I even regularly come across someone on the other team who is the first to die when the match starts, and immediately quits. Have we really turned into such babies that if our high K/Ds and W/Ls aren't spoon fed to us that we throw a fit and leave? I've only left two games in Black Ops 2, and both were because I was playing solo and some friends sent invites. I have completely stopped caring about my W/L in this game because i've been dashboarded on so much.


      This game has gotten so boring since it's usually 6v2 every other game, and on games where the dumb matchmaking actually decides to bring more people in, they leave too, so we go through at least 3 teamfuls of people sometimes in a single match. Please tell me that this is just a byproduct of the garbage that makes up the CoD community. I don't want to have to go through this in every multiplayer game I play from now on.

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          Welcome to CoD 2012 style. Quitters=quitters unfortunately not much we can do.

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            I have rage-quit from MW3 a total of 5 times.


            In Black Ops 2, the toll is 39 at the moment.


            I press start, and select exit game.

            I do not do it when going negative, nor when losing.

            I do it when my shots don't register.


            I do not do it when I lose close quarters combat in a hazy mess.

            I quit when I shoot someone thrice and don't get hit-detection, only to have them kill me as a result of me shooting them.


            That has happened versus every enemy in entire lobbies 39 times so far in Black Ops 2 -- compared to only 5 times in MW3.


            It may be the maps that funnel the desynchronization problems to the games' worst range; Short range, causing all the rage.

            But it should not be like this in 4 green bar lobbies.

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              Heard that yo. Only time I leave is when I'm being shot or microwaved as I spawn, not if they are sitting in my spawn cuz I can deal with that. That's when I'll quit. Definitely no reason to rage on this game or even care about stats. Its not like you are going to get hired by somebody cuz ur KD is high.

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                I was so impressed by a guy the other day who was the only one left on his team.  6 on 1.  He lost badly, but he refused to quit and wasn't playing hide a seek either.  Even killed two of us at one time with a well placed Bouncing Betty.  I don't know that I would have stayed if I was in his camo's.


                Also, I haven't noticed the dashboarding this iteration of COD as much.  Rarely will the game just end because of a host migration.  I think they have taken great pains to preserve games regardless of the actions of the host.

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                    I have seen the same and you have to admire people that refuse to quit the game. 6 v 1 is a nightmare, but this guys stayed in the game till the end. Cudos to him or her.

                    I play in a team and most games we see people quit, be they other teams or individuals. Dont really understand the reason for it other than K/D. But surly this game was built around objectives, oh no it was meant to be but not meant people take any notice of the objective.

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                    Unfortunatly. The game has become too popular by far. everyone now cares about Stats.


                    I would be quite happy if they was all removed. You just join a game play it. Game keeps score but only for that game reset all stats at the end of it. removed Prestige and lvl up so everyone is the same.


                    Only way to get rid of it.


                    Another approch make the game so rubbish that no one wants to play i think thats what MW3 tried.

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                      Here's the problem.  You might not be aware of it, but you might be winning because they are lagging.  If you "pay attention" it should be obvious.  I can tell when I'm winning gun fights due to lag.  Here's a hint, If you will every gun fight, if you are able to turn around and kill your opponent, if your opponents are mysteriously not shooting at you when they should be.  If in close quarters a majority if there shots are missing.  If you seem to have the drop on everyone, all of the time.  If people on their side are opening up 0-6


                      It "feels good" to be in that situation if you don't see it for what it is.  When I notice it, I take no pleasure in the win and I certainly don't do any bragging in the lobby.  I always find it funny when on the losing side of a 75-25 TDM to hear the bragging when returned to the lobby, as if the other team just thought that they were that dominant destpite having overall K/Ds in the .75-1.25 range and SCM ranging from 85-200.


                      I can tell the difference between winning and winning because of lag, the same as I can tell the difference between losing and losing because of lag.  Opening somewhere between 0-6 and 1-10 is a pretty good sign, but that alone is not enough.  It is when I open that poorly and my shots don't register and opponents appear to be moving faster than normal.  For example, I opened 1-8 one match and didn't quit.  I could tell I was playing the board wrong based on how the other team was operating.  I changed my style and finished 21-9 (going 20-1 after opening 1-8).  There are other times, I 've opened 0-6 and left the game because there was no point in my having a trigger on my gun or bullets in it, because my bullets did not register.  Putting 12 rounds into a player with a gun that kills in 2-3 rounds just isn't right.


                      Having said all this, I do want to go on record in saying that the problem is so much better than it was. And if you end up in a bad lobby you can always leave and I've found that I usually end up in a better lobby.  When I find a good one, I stick with it.  I also found that playing on "off hours" for your timezone is a recipe for a laggy game.

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                        On COD4 and WAW I played HQ all the time and people used to quit constantly but back then when the host done it the game ended, hence the reason they introduced host migration in MW2, think you may be remembering it wrong.

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                          You answered your own question.  This isn't COD4 or the "Good old days."  One could easily say from the shear number of complaints that the last two releases (this one and MW3) had some pretty profound issues.


                          I'm gonna be honest here.  I'm not a kid anymore.  I have a job, a life and a family.  I don't have 5 hours a night to just play a video game.  I look for an hour or two of peace to just forget all the crap and have fun.  I don't care about stats.  Don't know what my K/D is, I can guarantee my W/L is $@!#ed.


                          I play to have fun and honestly playing with a bunch of mildly retarded children who don't know how to play OR battling connections issues because of "insert cause here" isn't fun.  I'm tired of getting stressed out when this is supposed to be my getaway.  Not going to spend my hour beating my head against the wall so I tend to back out.  The legit way, take my loss, lose my match bonus and move on.


                          Not everyone is all about stats, I paid my money, I'm going to enjoy this game the best I can so sorry if you have a problem with that.   This is not COD 4... unfortunately...

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                            I blame the K/D mostly.


                            Also the lag... I actualy felt sorry for these guys who I was fighting against. They came at me guns blazing, but none of them could shoot me down fast enough. It was obvious that I had the advantage.


                            Sadly... I'd rather see host have the advantage over other players. Atleast then it's just one OP player.

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                              Blame MLG and the showing of K/D in game. COD 4 showed you your kills and deaths but didn't show you your ratio and it sure as hell didn't show anyone else's.

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                                I pull host often, and its the difference between me going 12-5 and 0-10. So I dont care if you dont wanna hear excuses about lag comp. It happens so often because its so god damn noticable. Is this so hard to understand?

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                                  I'll tell you this, As soon as I get killed by a Noob, or a Camper, I quit Immediatly. I'm not going to get so pissed off trying to play a match filled with Campers and SMG spamms. If I do, I'll rip my Game out of the Console, and Throw it at the wall. I'm not going to play a match, and stay in a match filled with Campers and SMG spammers just because everyone thinks quitters are pathetic. Call me what you want, but I'm not going to destroy something 60 bucks to make someone else happy. Also, I don't dashboard because, I don't care about K/D, just about having fun. But, those are the only times I quit.

                                  Quick-Scope Compotition


                                  SMG spamms

                                  Spawn Campers

                                  ^-----------------------^------------->Only Times I quit.

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                                    The game is broke on so many levels that it all adds up to an unpleasent online experience.


                                    The maps are small and the spawns are bad.  This leads to spawn killing.  Many times there is nothing that you can do.  If you don't kill them as they spawn in front of you they will kill you.  It happens all the time.  I hear the death feeds.  "I just spawned"  "If I get spawn killed again I am quitting". 


                                    The connection issues - There are issues and they are not being addressed.  There is only so much you are willing to put up with before you realize that there is no hope for you getting a kill. I play both core and hardcore.  While it is not as noticable in HC if you get the jump on someone and it is still obvious when you shoot 4 to 5 times before you get the kill and only one of your shots register. 


                                    Ghost - Before if you were doing bad you could slow down, camp with ghost and have a 1-2 second advantage over your opponents if they were relying on the mini map.  This advantage has been taken away.  The person who moves around the map by clearing areas can not longer operate without fear of the UAV spam.


                                    Hip firing/Auto aim & SMG's - What can you say about SMG's other than if you are not using one you are going to die because everyone else is using one.  They allow the users to aim faster, fire from the hip with or without the laser sight at incredible accuracy, you can move faster side to side that the person with an AR can move their gun while ADS, you can shoot people over far distances without tons of recoil or sway.  There is no downside to using an SMG. 


                                    Head glitching - All maps have tons of spots where you can sit and head glitch if you are glitching and have the 1-2 second advantage of the connection you are unbeatable.  You see every player before they see you and when they do see you they have to get a headshot to get a kill. 


                                    Skill based MM - This causes or is suspected to cause some issues like (lag) and also requires players to perform at 100% each and every match.  Trying out a different gun or perk combo is really not an option because at all times you are matched against equal or better players.  I think this is one of those things that people have not gotten use to.  In the past, they will play 3 easy games, then play a hard fought battle.  Then they play an easy game again.  Its the ebb and flow that has made MM work.  Those games that you have that build up your confidence are just not there and so since you struggle every match to go even, get score streaks, not get spawn killed, etc. you are never given that confidence boost that hooks you on playing more games.   At the same time you are constantly fighting someone's connection and dealing with lag. 


                                    It is not one specific item it is the game at its core.  When you run into people you can't kill and you are getting spawn killed than there is nothing you can do but either decide you are going to die a ton or quit.  The fact that you no longer have those games of glory also contribute to the factor that you are always frustrated by something and in doing so you get pushed over the edge quicker. 

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                                        SKILL BASED MATCH MAKING. As the guy above sais.


                                        I and alot of others dont really enjoy the fact that each and every game is full of pressure, where you are struggling.


                                        And as the guy above said, constantly grinding dose not make you want to play extended sessions.


                                        In past CoDs people who got their butt kicked by a clan, could simply leave that game and find the 9 out of 10 lobby that everyone sucked in. There was no reason to move to this skill based bullkaka.


                                        If Treyarch think that this is going to keep people interested, they are mistaken. I like many worked through my first ever cod, seen great players and aspired to be like them, it kept me motivated. Now what have I got to motivate me, the prospect of getting better where I play even better people, and have to try harder??? No thanks.