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    How to get the Shotguns (very specific)

      I told you guys I would figure it out, and I made sure I figured out the other variable so you guys would know as well



      You need a minimum of 30K Kills (secret variable)

      You need a minimum 180 KD ( I had 200 KD when I ranked up, but you don't have to have it that high).


      That's it!


      I removed the requirements for the knife because it was inconistent with multiple people, but just know you need to have lots of kills and a good KD.


      Good luck guys!


      Also, To get tallies, play 1-2 games a day for 5 days to get 5 tallies and blue eyes



      there you guys go! good luck



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          1. Re: How to get the Shotguns (very specific)

          Right now I have 35249 kills and 210 downs with right around 50% headshots.  That puts me at 168 kdr and I'm still skull with knife and have been for a long time and I play every day so this can't be right.  If you ranked up when you had 200 kdr then thats probly what the number is.

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            2. Re: How to get the Shotguns (very specific)

            try and get to 180 KD and tell me if you rank up, let me change the post. If you don't rank up at 180 then it's gotta be 200

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              3. Re: How to get the Shotguns (very specific)

              and how many times have you tested this? just call it a theory or something.

              my friend has it and doesnt have 30K kills. He is close but then again hes had it for a little over a week.

              But this proves you wrong sooooo

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                4. Re: How to get the Shotguns (very specific)

                just saw someone with shottys for the first time in game, never seen anyone with a higher rank than me, being skull blue eyes and a sword. Just broke the 20k barrier, and my kd is apparently 170. Wonder if that is actually how it works. If it is, dont know why treyarch never explained the damn thing if its that easy.

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                  5. Re: How to get the Shotguns (very specific)

                  Every person who has it, including those on my friends list, had 30,000 Kills before they got it. Unless you provide sufficient proof that he got it before 30K, i'm going to disregard your claim and assume it's a mess up on your part.

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                    6. Re: How to get the Shotguns (very specific)

                    You're definately wrong about the skull with the knife. I've seen someone with only 5k kills and he got Skull with Knife Blue Eyes. Also the minimum kd for the knife is 70 atm because I've seen someone with 72kd get the Skull so yea ~~~

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                      7. Re: How to get the Shotguns (very specific)

                      I have 20,500 kills and 187 downs and I still have the skull with blue eyes, no knife. I'm starting to think there is another factor involved here.

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                        8. Re: How to get the Shotguns (very specific)

                        I have 64,485 kills and 259 deaths (K/D: 249) and have the skull with blue eyes & dagger. My buddy has 64,570 kills and 260 deaths (K/D: 248) and the skull & shotguns, but a lot more bullets fired, hits, headshots, etc. You're grossly oversimplifying what it takes to achieve each rank by using such a narrow scope.


                        If you really wanted to figure out the ranking system, you'd look at all the metrics used in the global rankings and weight their importance against each other. It would take some time, but what you'd have to do is choose a random sample of 50-100 players in the top 500 of each category (kills, bullets fired, etc.) and graph their corresponding ranks (skull, dagger, shotguns, etc.). The more, the better. Then you can use the number of ranks to place a weight on the categories that are most determinative of your rank, i.e. if you find 250 shotguns in all of the categories, and 100 of them come from kills, then kills would have a 40% weight in determining your shotguns rank.


                        The tricky part would be the downs and deaths, since the more you have, the lower you are on the leaderboards. You can get past this by going to bottom of the leaderboards (most downs, most deaths) and choosing your sample. But instead of using the ranks on the screen, you would have to reverse the ranks. So blue-eyed skull with shotguns would become a single crossbone, skull with shotguns would become double crossbones, blue-eyed dagger would become skull, dagger would become skull with blue eyes, and vice versa. Then graph and weight them the same way.


                        Just skimming through the ranks, you can see that revives are not very important in getting a high rank, and gibs and miles traveled are more significant determinants, as an example.


                        Let me know if you're up to the task; if not, I'll start a new a new thread and see if someone else is.

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                          9. Re: How to get the Shotguns (very specific)

                          Its Quite simple really, The reason you dont see very many 2x Shotgun Rank in random Lobby's is because they already know this! Play Solo, or with a static group of people, never random ppl, thats just setting yourself up for failure.


                          Survival Town (Easiest)


                          Simple- 2x Runners, one under MP5, onther one Under the Bar, They both run trains outside seperated paths (Never Cross the Lava pool in the middle, Cardinal Rule!) Risk having a train wreck!


                          Remaining 2 players- Stay upstairs in MP5 room, and Upstairs in the Bar, Randomly support the train runners from time 2 time, but make sure U dont get crept up on from behind!


                          The Map is Balanced and Zombie Flow is spread out amongst everyone pretty much evenly, instead of 1 person doing all the work.


                          Once past rd 30, Ammo gets hard 2 come by, Simply run trains, Tactfully combine them into a huge train (Do Not kill any Zombies) have one person running circles, Everyone else can Buy guns, Perks, Pack-a-Punch without having 2 worry about Zombies spawning!


                          Alot of this stuff im sure ppl already know, But its ridiculious 2 see people with 30k+ kills yet they are only ranked 1 bone -_-

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