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    Call of duty: Host Migration 2

      Treyarch im tired of seeing your symbol and the name of your game in the middle of every multiplayer match i play and 50% of those Host migrations, is the Host dashboarding to save some stupid stats. and i get put on some retarded probation because of some stupid kid being a douche.

      iv'e literally gotten that screen more in this game alone than all of the CoD games iv'e played combined.

      every game has to have a Host migration or a disconnection from the host and a lot of the time the CoD server if i don't back out of the lobby fast enough.  seriously this really needs to be fixed. why can't you just give the Host an advantage, or make the host migration every game faster. i'd rather have 1 guy going god mode over everybody because he's the host instead of some guy from across the world, or some other guy throttling his connection than have to sit through that ******* screen 1 more time.

      i know activision has the money to invest in servers, im tired of manually murdering my decent connection to a **** one because i wanna have a good game by forcing lag comp to work for me and **** everybody over so i can compete with that guy from europe, india, or KSA.