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    League Moshpit Pheonix Seven Eight Masters division rank 1 Vs Ranks 2 and 3 highlights

      HI all, for those of you who care, I am Deamonomic the Current Rank 1 holder in the Pheonix Seven Eight sub-division in the Masters division. I believe that my division is the most active and challenging division of the masters league.  the top 4 players all have over 14k ladder points. For a while I have been wanting to play against them to find out if they were better then me and all that. Today I got my wish. I first ran into JohntheGman (Rank #2) and his party while playing with mine. There was no trash talk. no "your going down!" instead it was "good luck" and "hell yes, I have been waiting for this!". This was by far one of the funnest matches I have had in a long time. It was Hardpoint on Drone. there were other masters there. Senses V3 is one of the top 10 in his division (on my team) and John had another rank 2 from Senses division.


      The very next game I encountered was oM Bee (Rank #3) for some KC on meltdown. again there was no trash talking, only laughing at the random messages i send my competition... such as "MY #1 SPOT! MINE! HISSSSS!" This game was a close one with oM Bees team taking the win. my team feels bitter about the loss because.... 9-32! WTH RANDOM DUDE!!! but regardless we lost by about 10.tags. the game was kneck and knect the entire time.


      So since theater is working again i made highlite reels using the ingame system .these clips are from BOTH teams. hope u guys enjoy.


      Hardpoint on Drone, Masters Rank 1 Deamonomic n friends Vs  JohntheGman n friends


      Kill confirmed on  Meltdown Masters Rank 1 Deamonomic n friends... and suicide mcgee... Vs oM Bee n friends




      (P.S. If there is anyone looking for league play games to codcast I have plenty of games (mostly moshpit atm trying to put together a team for the champions mssge me on XBL)