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    UAV Update Complaints

      I just got done reading through a bunch of threads complaining about the new update that raised the UAV score requirement, and I just have to say that a lot of you have shown your true colors as red dot chasing enthusiasts! Has anyone's gaming experience been changed for the worse since the update keeping in mind that camping has always been a part of online shooters and never will go away?


      The UAV spamming was a real problem, and at least we can all play with out hearing the dreaded "be advised, hostile UAV inbound." With that said, I think that this all could have been avoided if Treyarch didn't nerf Ghost as badly as they did.

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          Yhey could've trown AUV to 700 points for all I care. Don't use it. Was completely overused and annoying. I unlocked ghost permenant just to play a bit more relaxed.

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            The UAVs were never a problem, being a low score streak, or being the ONLY killstreak in the earlier games, people have just gotten used to being able to hide from the UAV in the past two games without giving anything up, Treyarch is just trying to please that crowd. I honestly dont see why people are so afraid to be on the UAV, if you are good at flanking and with your gun, then showing up on as a dot on the UAV every 5 seconds wont change that, it didnt affect flanking in COD4/WAW, and if you wanted full stealth you gave up a bit of gun damage or extra health, perfect balance IMO.


            Anyways, there are MULTIPLE ways of taking out or dealing with the UAV, this generation of COD players are just lazy and want everything on easy mode.

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                They still aren't a real problem. it was just getting anoying hearing every damn 20 seconds something like enemy UAV up or Uav from your own side of the team. You do have to admit, in MW1 and WAW the gameplay was completely diffrent then MW3 and BLOPS2. And even MW3 and BLOPS2 play completely diffrent.


                I miss playing MW1. Still the best but full of hackers.

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                    Yep. We all know that you can deal with the UAVs a whole bunch of ways, but we don't feel like we should HAVE to deal with them throughout the entire match.


                    It was getting to the point that I only used blackhats and stingers instead of enjoying any of the other secondaries and other equipment options.

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                      There were constant UAVs up in COD4 and WAW, and the majority of people never used UAV jammer, because they werent afraid to be on the radar, and they didnt want to lessen their gun damage or have a little bit more health.

                      Ghost works just fine, all you have to do is move, and the UAV is not a constant dot, its a sweep, you dont have to be moving all the time to make ghost be effective. I think people are just babies,  someone could throw down betties and shock charges, stand at the back of the map and do nothing but shoot down UAVs and air support and get their own UAVs and killstreaks...

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                          MW3 has the support EMP and AA turrets.
                          Blops has AA turrets.


                          People forget that both anti-vehicle launchers can be refilled with scavenger.


                          In MW3 and BLOPS, AA turrets took care of most UAVs.

                          In MW3, the EMP is the great equalizer

                          In BLOPS 2... no AA turret, EMPs are expensive.  People don't run with missile launchers.


                          Solution: Make EMPs cheaper.








                          Anyhow, MW2 was some broken stuff... predator missile spam.

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                      i didnt notice that they had raised the UAV scorestreak , i keep on getting them and i will spam they out all i like , i dont redot chase like people say . if you have a problem with a UAV the SHOOT it down take the sh itty pistol's of and use a launcher you get more points for shooting them down than you get while they are up .

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                          This is true, but that's just why I use Ghost. I like to go for the higher killstreaks so I'm gonna need my b23r. Believe it or not I kinda go all out with my guns so i need more ammo. I know I can use scavanger but I'm to attached to fast hands XD

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                          There are two rocket launchers in the game that lock on to air vehicles.


                          It was never a problem.


                          Taking out UAVs = scorestreak points for your own scoretreak rewards


                          SCAVANGER REFILLS STINGERS!!!!!!!


                          UAV should get unnerfed.

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                            I'm sad that now there's less UAV's in the sky. My FHJ-18 AA is not being used as much as before. :-(

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                              It hasn't had any effect on how many I still get per game. And don't try to get all high and mighty. "Ohhhhh, I'm sooooo good. I don't need a UAV." Blah, blah, blah. I use UAV's to help my teammates that suck and because it gives you assist points. In all honesty, It is two way street. Some people can't play unless they have a UAV up and some people can't play if they are showing on UAV. Other people(Me) Just don't give a ****.

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                                UAV spam wasn't the problem.


                                It was that people didn't know how to use the new ghost perk, or weren't smart enough to unlock it early.


                                No big deal though - it's still a super easy streak to get, and still very powerful even at 400ish points.


                                There's no reason for complaint, unless you aren't good at the game and can't earn one - at which point, your concerns should be a little larger than the points required to get a UAV

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                                  I have to say that being pro-"old" ghost is as bad.


                                  But both of these people are total idiots. I like the new Ghost and this change to the UAV.



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                                      easy mode? 


                                      how much more easy do you want with 5 uavs up,   sweeping in real time,   showing everybody's position on the map and a broken perk that's supposed to counter it turning you into a headless chicken for it work and practically forcing you to run into the pack of smg red dot chasing mlg wannabe's who know exactly where you are.