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      I know there wasn't a massive group of people in the MW3 playlist, but there seemed to be a good number of people playing in Black Ops 1. and MW2. Personally, I'm really missing this from the playlists.  It was all about gun skill - you earned every kill you got.  With no UAV, you were forced to learn spawn points and use your senses much more, rather than red-dot chasing.  Also, the lack of killstreaks meant that people were less concerned with dying and the games tended to be much more open and flowing than their core counterparts.  People didn't worry as much about diving on a flag in an objective mode either since.  You could be much more aggressive pushing forward to an objective because you didn't have to worry about the enemy getting a killstreak off your death. 


      I'd love to see a Barebones playlist brought back - is there anyone else out there that feels the same way?