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    Treyarch, Please do something about leauge play!

      most poorly designed ranked play system ever created. There needs to be some updates to leauge to make it fair and playable.


      #1 Players leaving mid game. This is the biggest issue and i have been placed in the bronze tier unjustly because of it. Because Treyarch is counting K/D stats towards your combat record in leauge play, this is in turn making the k/d whores dashboard out of the game. It is clear that many would rather take a 5 minute penalty to play than to hurt thier stats.


      #2 If you are running solo, than you should be matched with solo players and not against full teams. Obviously team work is what gives you a win. But if you are forced to be paired up with 5 others that you have never played with before and then put in to a lobby with 6 players that only play together....This makes for some serious pub style stomping action in most game modes.


      #3 Give us a true skill ranking system along with wins. Let your actions be counted towards skill. Example: CTF, I capped 3 flags overall, Killed more than a dozen flag carriers and finished high and mighty over anyone else in the lobby. But Guess what? There were only 2 of us left on our team and i was forced to play 2 against 6 and loose the game. So i got a loss and most likely a derank in leauge. Sound fair to the solo player?


      These are not hard things to update for this mode. Hell you might even see a bigger player base in leauge because of it.