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    Aim Assist & Knifing Issues

      Knifing in this game is pitiful.


      You have aim assist on every gun that actually tracks people through walls, but the game makes you miss constantly when it comes to knifing a person right in front of your face. I understand that they got rid of the lunging from unreasonable distances, but there should at least be a little consistency when it comes to knifing...especially when you don't have a secondary assigned and you have run out of bullets in your primary.


      Should knifing beat guns like it did in other games? No.

      Should knifing at least register a kill when you swing at a persons back from .5 feet away? Yes.


      I can't count the number of times that I have missed someone 3 different times only to watch them reload in front of me and then shoot me on my 4th attempt. Please tell me I am the only one that thinks this needs to be addressed some point soon.