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    i finally understand the match making in blops2. thank you treyarch

      say i wanna run around and get crazy and build up big big SPM. well, i can do that. BUT the higher i go, the harder it gets with harder people to play. lets say i wanna work on cammos and just kinda do my own thing and concentrate on acheivements. well, my SPM might drop a little. BUT, thats ok, cause as my SPM drops, i get put into easier matches. easier matches allow me to get my acheivements faster. now, you may say that its skill based matching instead of ping rate matching. to that i say:


      ITS BOTH


      why? because i have been playig people in my area for the last few days. over and over again(i know this because they area code thier clan tags).


      cary on treyarch, its starting to dawn on this old mind that this will turn into a game that will be even better than BLOPS1. thats is.... if you release some spacious maps.