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    Confirmed Loose Ends...

      Orbs of sparkle lights around street light and tower lights that flash morse code appearing sometimes depending on?


      Orbs of sparkle lights appear randomly in mystery box

      NAV table linked by wire to flashing light on tower

      Crazy Secret Radio Transmissions (Disturbing Richtofen Maxis story similar to Tranzit that ends with crazy guy smashing all electronics)

      Cleansed mode listed in PC files, Possibly no meaning or impact

      Monkey bombs in church are not off the map and control mechanism on sign near church

      This is 2nd try at this post, please list more, but not stories about 2nd buses, underground train stations, or cooling lava with water towers. Thanks to all who discovered these!


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          Re: Confirmed Loose Ends...

          Yes! we need to wrap this up people lol

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              Re: Confirmed Loose Ends...

              Ive been following these forums and Spiders videos for a while now but i havent really seen anyone mention this or if they i have and its been debunked i apologise, but the tower in the fog on its side,over the road, has anyone tried EMPing the bus under it, getting on the bus and using the turbines or more EMPS to see if this reacts in anyway?

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              Re: Confirmed Loose Ends...

              You should remove the cleansed mode, things like that aren't concrete enough. Sometimes things get left in the code and setup for future dlc or from scrapped ideas. So unfortunately we have no way to know for sure if it's something in the game. I like the idea of gathering all the loose ends in one thread but we should keep it to hard facts so we know exactly what we have to work foward from

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                Re: Confirmed Loose Ends...

                When do yall think we'll ever figure out the next steps >.<

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                  Re: Confirmed Loose Ends...

                  May I also add that today I was in the bus and saw a type of sparkling fog run past my head as I was going through the tunnel it's never happened before and I only killed the 4 zombies you spawn at the start with

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                    Re: Confirmed Loose Ends...

                    Has anyone noticed dangling wires? Like on the power post by the street lamp at diner. Or behind the bus part location at farm?

                    Normally I wouldn't think **** about it. But if you shoot them they start swinging. I'll post myvid on Xbox tonight around 10:30pm est if needed

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                      Re: Confirmed Loose Ends...

                      to add to the latest tranzit talk

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                        Re: Confirmed Loose Ends...

                        I wouldn't think they will do an EE for each system, this will require extra effort, time=work.

                        I would like to point out that there is 2 sides to the EE's, i am sure we are all aware of that but maybe there is 3? keep in mind treyarch likes to do things in 3's.


                        Why does the tower light up in 2colors when we have a team with both sides done?

                        Why do the EE's get reset if we press the button?

                        TBH there is too many hard to answer questions.

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                            Re: Confirmed Loose Ends...

                            For all the negative things I have heard of tranzit, you can't deny it has some very 'un-discovered mystery' vibes going on lol.

                            The thing I would most like to know more about are the glowing orbs, have we decided that it is most likely an unfinished EE?

                            do any of the quotes that have not been heard in game relate to them in any way?


                            Oh, and why can't they give us some older maps for micro-transactions? I played zombies 3 times since ghosts came out and twice it was on BO1

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                            Re: Confirmed Loose Ends...

                            Digging around the forum, I've come up with a couple of ideas I'd like to share.


                            Way back when, Cheesegrater28: In BO1 the clocks would usually say whatever time it was, like if you were playing at 3:12 the clock would read 3:12. Maybe that means something needs to be done at the real time of day as the broken in game clock says. I know people have tried stuff like that and didn't find anything. I've always wondered about the clocks, and why there are two times frozen between them, along with the one in Town without hands. I like this idea ^ So I thought, why not try to play sometime between the two times--- 5:10 & 7:50 (am or pm). I got an orb in Town on the streetlight right away. Perhaps a coincidence, since I've been playing the hell out of the map lately. But, I do tend to play later 7:50pm. I won't know until I (or some others -wink, wink) can help me test this out. I plan on playing again between 5:10 & 7:50am. I probably wouldn't think too much of this, but the Xbox system's clock cannot be changed while connected to Live, from my understanding. I'm unsure how the other platforms would handle this.


                            Again, with the clocks-- the duration between the two times is 2hrs 40min. This got me thinking about the "Ride the Bus" poster, and how it actually drives counter-clock wise around the map. I recently read in the archives here that people have taken many, many circuits around the map exclusively on the bus and haven't found anything or experienced any changes. My only idea with the two times displayed on the clocks would be to ride the bus for the duration that it would resemble the amount of time it would take to go back in time 2hrs 40min. Sounds a tad confusing? Pretty simple test. Start at Depot on bus. Two times around would = 2hrs. On the third trip, exiting at Power Station would = 40min. I figured I'd drop the idea in case others would want to try.


                            Obviously, too much time on my hands...

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                                Re: Confirmed Loose Ends...

                                I like the idea.

                                Back in the days we have done several things with the clocks in between the times but with no luck

                                The Bus rides much faster through tranzit then 1 turn in a hour.

                                But you can ride faster or slower with emp or turbine and control to which time you arrive at a busstop.

                                Maybe the tours with the Bus triggers the orbits.

                                You have 4 rides to get to town and 4 places with orbs.

                                Every Tour must done in a spezific time.

                                Anyone says tranzit is a big clock. Maybe ride the first turn in 2.40h

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                                    Re: Confirmed Loose Ends...

                                    I realize the bus goes around the map in less than one hour--

                                    One time around would = 1 hr if the map was a clock.

                                    Unfortunately, I slept in past the time I wanted to play this morning, so I'll wait 'til a bit later to jam.

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