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    Black ops 2 | Zombies | DLC maps

      Ok as you probably know TranZit was very successful, and people are already talking about Map pack 1 for mostly how many maps and how many zombie maps. I think they will have more than one zombie map but i want to know what you guys think the perks, location, special weapons, and characters will be. On this zombie script http://easycaptu.re/pMUcm.txt for black ops 2, everyone is talking about stuff in it like MEAT mode, Survival on Nacht der untoten, Diner, Der riese, Kino der toten, Moon, and other game modes, but especially a thing called Tarmac. Every one is saying that this is one of the new maps. But when i looked it up, it is basically the same thing as concrete, so it was a disappointment. Anyway there is a lot of interesting stuff in it. So tell me what you guys think and what you guys want the next map to be .