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    Gold camo vanished

      I have been working towards gold camo on the mtar and looked today to see how many more kills with no perks i needed to finish off to get the gold camo and the 5000 xp, and to my disgust found since i played last night that it no longer is there. wtf is going on with this game everytime I turn on something has changed for the worse.


      Like last week they introduced probation which was a joke. If im forced into a map without me making that choice to play it then i will quit that map, if the game is over half way through no matter if i join the winning side i wont play it cause its no fun so i quit it and what happens nothing, but when hosts quit and the games ends through loss of service i got put into probation twice for a paltry minute that really  was a joke.


      Get your act together treyarch so far from the way this game plays with all its other problems you should be paying us to play this not pay you, and i definatly am not wasting any money on the bonus maps from the look of how this game is progressing.