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    So in the future they forget how to make a scrambler orso ???

      So im wondering why there isent a scrambler type of equipment or attachment in this game.


      we got fancy MMS sight and target finder  in this game but a simple scrambler is no where to be found ??


      we got sensor grenade, black hat, thropy system and tactical insertion but no scrambler???


      With how useless ghost almost got when capturing HQ or dom points it would be nice i could at least get a scrambler so the enemeny wont know where from the HQ or dom point im at while capturing or destroying it.


      It could buy me those few extra seconds that i could need.


      I wonder how it was in previous games but when we get to this game which is in the future its nowhere to be find.


      One would imagine mankind would find a way to turn it in to an attachement for a weapon orso lol.