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    Instant death after respawn...please fix

      wow, really how many times a game do you respawn, only to not even take one step, and get immmediately killed by a lightning strike, or hunter killer, or an enemy already right behind you or right in front of you....I dont recall it ever being like this in other COD's...can we please have this issue looked into, as to some type of immunity right after respawn, and a fix to the horrible spawn system, so tired of respawning with enemies all around me...
      Also 2 or 3 guys respawning at same time at same point, tired of bumping into, or getting run over by teamates....


      and while I am at it....why are pistols so accuarate from range in this game, no recoil at all, I mean some guy was actually sniping out a window with one the other day...same goes for SMg's (sans MP7)  way to accuarate from range with almost no visilbe recoil.