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    [PS3] XSD [Silent Adversaries] BRAND NEW CLAN NOW RECRUITING

      |||| PS3 ONLY! ||||

      |||| BLACK OPS II ||||

        Looking for a fresh start and you love objective modes?  XSD is looking for some of Black Ops II's Finest! Preferablly Central and East Coast for lag reasons...The less lag for the entire party, the better.


      If your Kill/Death Ratio is below the requirement, don't be discouraged; You can still apply, but you will need to prove yourself in the tryout.


      Minimum requirements:

      Kill/Death ratio: Above at least 1.5

      SPM (Score per Minute) We prefer 250-300 or higher.

      Wins/Losses: Just not below a 1.5...we only use this stat to determine if you're a "rage quitter".

      We accept all types of players such as Killers, Objective only players, and Supporters.

      UNITED STATES ONLY (We prefer Central and East Coast to reduce any lag problems)


      APPLY HERE https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/5185087


      After you apply, you may be contacted by either me, or my co-lead Iced178, after being contacted we will set up a try out session.  Tryouts are a REQUIREMENT and there are no exceptions!