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    Final Wiimote vs DA thread for Dev's

      For the devs, can we all agree that...


      Dual Analogs

      1. There is no aimbot, no computer auto-aim, no snap on
      2. There is a stickyness that occurs to increase sensitivity so you can aim better
      3. This stickyness and heightened sensitivity causes a large advantage over Wiimote users
      4. There is no need for a nerf until a much-needed Wiimote patch is done
      5. There is no "bigger damage" area for DA - that is only the killcam's innaccurate recreation
      6. Aim assist through walls is too high/a glitch
      7. Weapon recoil is too low compared to Wiimote
      8. To be re-evalutated after Wiimote patch


      1. There are several issues with this controller, independent of internet connectivity, lag, etc
      2. Settings need to match MW3 or at the very least BO1. Strong preference towards matching MW3. Wiimote settings in campaign work perfectly - can you match those?
      3. Severe lack of sensitivity/accuracy in ADA, especially in sniping
      4. Wiimote movements/controls die while in ADS
      5. Wiimote reticle/cursor jumps around sporadically
      6. Hitmarker/accuracy issue
      7. Weapon recoil is too high compared to DA
      8. This controller needs a patch ASAP so all controllers are balanced and gameplay is fair


      Good? Settled? Can we pause this debate until after the Wiimote patch comes?

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          1. Re: Final Wiimote vs DA thread

          5 Stars post. Done.

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            2. Re: Final Wiimote vs DA thread

            Apart from DA point no 3, I agree with that perfectly.


            It's just the way of the world that using thumb sticks makes your characters aim more stable with aim assist on or off, as I recently found whilst testing.


            The main point here is that they definitely need to do something about the Wiimote sensitivity, but that was obvious anyway!


            Settled, I'm all for everyone else shaking hands and stopping their trolling of each other.


            Otherwise, add me and I'll beat the crap out of you Wiimote style.

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              3. Re: Final Wiimote vs DA thread

              Can you also add that there's no "bigger damage area" for dual analogs? People keep seeing guys shooting thin air in killcams and think that's what actually happened.

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                4. Re: Final Wiimote vs DA thread

                Agree and added.

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                  5. Re: Final Wiimote vs DA thread

                  Thank you for making a thread on this topic with sense. I commented to alot of your comments on other threads and this is basically what i said.

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                    6. Re: Final Wiimote vs DA thread for Dev's

                    Care to add "aim assist through walls" in there too? The hipfire AA is so strong at close range that it practically tells you someone is behind cover because it sticks to the enemy even though it shouldnt...ermm 

                      basically its a free wallhack.

                    With the wiimote...there's a glitch in tdm that causes your gun to be jumpy. it was supposed to be fixed with the hotfix that fixed the picking up weapons with A and not being able to climb obstacles  ...but it was never fixed. Also...Hit detection with the mote is terrible.

                    Last Edited: Dec 18, 2012 4:53 PM
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                      7. Re: Final Wiimote vs DA thread for Dev's

                      Damn I hate Activision has "like" button but not dislikes buttons in the forums. The only 4-5 DA users in this forums are liking this nonsense!.


                      Look kid, the Wii-moters don't want better controls, don't want aim-assist that resemble the DA. No, we just want all the sensitivity options back (meh, I'm fine so farwith what we get....but let's say some wiimoters aren't willing to explore the available options like I did).


                      In order to have bragging rights, as a true gamer, we don't need any kind of help, period. The moment a group of people get used to help (like using training wheels to bike forever) they can't get back to basics. Historically aim assist and all the stupid things DA have were meant to make the FPS games more playable, or at least get closer to the PC mouse experience. But then Nintendo invented the Wii-mote, and consoles didn't need PC mouse to get perfect FPS controls anymore. We just need more customization options (PC mouse need very few options, but they need them anyways).


                      So no, I give a huge dislike to this thread, and I hope my fellow comrades from the Wii-mote gang give the middle finger to this post. Come one people, dislike this!!!

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                        8. Re: Final Wiimote vs DA thread for Dev's

                        Done - thanks

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                          9. Re: Final Wiimote vs DA thread for Dev's

                          "Kid" - I'm not a kid.


                          Everything you spoke of is at the top of the thread. This thread is intended to be an agreement amongst DA and Wiimote users so we can get things balanced and so devs have an easy source to review without bickering.


                          FTR, I'm a Wiimote-user only.

                          Last Edited: Dec 18, 2012 6:23 PM
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