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    Nice "article" on BO2 WiiU numbers

      Found this to be interesting...




      This is why support is grim. I can't really blame Activision for not supporting their lowest sales figure base...or more accurately put: I'm not surprised they don't support their lowest sales figure base.


      My only gripe is if you sell something to someone, you support it and dedicate a separate staff solely to the WiiU. This greatly improves your potential for higher sales going forward. If you don't...you miss revenue opportunity.

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          Re: Nice "article" on BO2 WiiU numbers

          It's a NEW CONSOLE of course it will not sell as many as the others - but the support should be there and the total sales will be much larger - starting after Christmas


          Just think of how many WII U's have never even been turned on just wrapped and setting under the tree


          Sales are just about exactly where I thought they would be and I am sure that Activision knew this as well.

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              Re: Nice "article" on BO2 WiiU numbers

              Agree. For some it's hard enough to choke up $60 for the game, let alone $300 or $350 for the console. The WiiU I bought for my kids and I've been secretly playing it, updating it, etc so it's ready to go on Xmas Day. I couldn't wait, LOL.


              After Xmas day when the game and console are unwrapped, we should see quite a bump.

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                  Re: Nice "article" on BO2 WiiU numbers

                  2 things. Firstly the TDM leaderboards go down to 22`000,so if 23`000 is the actual figure, it tells me that everyone who has bought the game is playing it and is probably an adult of kid (fissure) who can afford it. Also this tells me that the parents who bought the console for their kids, didnt think the game being rated 18, is right for a xmas present.


                  So I wouldnt expect an increase in online players on xmas day (no jingle noobs ) - BUT it will increase slowly through the year as people get sick of playing Mario and ZombiU.


                  The problem is that the wii sold many more copies coz the console was already in place, and the vast majority of those players wont make the leap to pay £300 for the new console just to play BO2 (unlike me!)


                  Like I said before, if I was an analog player, id deffo have bought the much cheaper and much more supported xbox. But im all about the wiimote, it gives me 3 legs

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                Re: Nice "article" on BO2 WiiU numbers

                I think this ignore the Wii folk is getting really old. Year after year they treat us the same way, I was really hoping it would be different this time. And I think this time they should have handed us a golden platter.


                Yes the Wii was under powered and it was hard work to press a game like COD into its chip set and the return on investment was too low to do much else. Here you have a chance to have your title be a flag ship for a new console, a sole reason to pay the $350 and $60 and yet you squander it.


                By now word has spread far and wide that WiiU does not have DLC, it does not have NukeTown, it does not have support... our numbers are low and will stay low because of it. We can no longer use the excuse of an underpowered console.


                In thier minds they may have a patch ready to go, but they say "hey it costs money to launch a patch and support a system, lets wait and see if we sell enough first."


                That approach is not going to work in this case because with out the upfront investment of support and title confidence our sales will always lag behind. It would take 2 or 3 block buster COD titles on the WiiU with XBox type DLC and Support for serious gamers to put down thier game controler and pick up a WiiU game pad instead.


                But that will never happen, I bet Microsoft is even paying them to hold back a patch to keep those kids paying for Xbox live.

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                    Re: Nice "article" on BO2 WiiU numbers


                    Rage much?


                    The reason that the wii folks are treated the way that they are is because they are wii folks. If they had a patch ready, they certainly wouldn't just sit on it. It costs nothing to release the patch. Plus I would specualte that the game is running on the same engine as the xbox/ps3 game so the patch on the wiiu wouldn't cost much. the only real thing that is different is the patch for the wii mote. What is holding up the patch and has held up patches for the last 3 titles is a little company called Nintendo. You might have heard of them, then again maybe you haven't. Anyways it seems that this company called Nintendo, wants it's third party developers to jump through hoops in order to support third party titles (just in case you didn't know BO2 is a third party title). With the xbox patches take weeks becuase Microsoft wants to keep it's market share. With Nintendo the same patch could take months because if there is one thing wrong with the patch then it gets sent back has to be fixed and then resubmitted.


                    Seeing you get all wound up is funny. This process has been the same for years and every year there is some dude raging and throwing temper tantrums because they just knew it was going to be different this year. Whining about how the wii is always getting screwed, but this same guy year after year rushes out to buy the next COD just knowing that this year they will support the title better or that finally Nintendo has come to it's senses. Just so you know the Japanese live a slower paced lifestyle than most do in America. They would rather spend another week making sure things are right then rushing something out just to please a bunch of spoiled brat American kids. Remember, Nintendo isn't your mommy and they don't care how big a temper tantrum that you throw.

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                        Re: Nice "article" on BO2 WiiU numbers

                        They also dont like 3rd party devs

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                          Re: Nice "article" on BO2 WiiU numbers

                          You think this is a mothereffing game?...oh wait...it is.. :D


                          Nintendo is not to blame here. So far the wii u experience has been great, the wii u itself has gotten a few patches, the apps are getting patched as well, assassin's creed 3 got one patch already, and Sega Allstars has gotten two patches. Yes. SEGA was able to patch their game(which is a pretty damn good kart racing game, if I may say so) on a NINTENDO CONSOLE. Nintendo has no problems working with devs..its the devs that must be willing to provide support. This whole Nintendo v. Activision thing that people thought was the reason behind the lack of support is BS. Nintendo is obviously not one to hold a grudge, allowing their arch enemy to release a game and PROVIDE SUPPORT AND POSSIBLY DLC in a NINTENDO CONSOLE. DLC for assasins creed 3 wii u has already been confirmed. Nintendo wants this console to be good, and they will not shoot themselves in the foot. Remember, cod isnt the only game out there.

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                          Re: Nice "article" on BO2 WiiU numbers

                          will need wiiU sales at selling out rates are close. not individual game sales. i got this game because i was planning on gettign the wiiU anyway. but most of the games i want dont come out yet.



                          3rd party will do well if alot of people have wiiU's for alot of people ot have them nintendo needs to get rid of the wii's legaicy for hardcore(for 3rd party). also add alot of wiiU exclusives(and considering some wii games ran better than early xbox games, the nintendo exclusives for wiiU are likly to be outside xbox's capabilities.) id hope nintendo tries to encorage larger developers to actualy optimize(not copy paste) there system to increase it above xbox/ps3 versions, maiby toped by higher end PC version. maiby actualy work on metroid prime games and a FPS exclusive(that they develope/codevelope, not give to smoeone else who would port if it ended up good, or to someone who wont do a good job). codeveloping conduit 3 might help(dont give it to just solo sage/capcom, whoever made it, codevelop it, try to 1up halo4)

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                          Re: Nice "article" on BO2 WiiU numbers

                          You know, when looked at it from this perspective, that's true. I've seen the 23,000 number elsewhere and people are proclaiming gloom and doom because of how low it is. Nevermind the fact that it was competing against a new New Super Mario Bros. title (which, on a Nintendo console, is sort of a big deal) and it's 64% attach rate.



                          Being bored, I ran some numbers... (My apologies for the VGChartz 360/PS3 numbers. They were the most easily available and are being used just for demonstration purposes as they're probably not "too" far off)



                          WiiU BlOpsII: 23k/425k = 5.4% attach rate


                          X360 BlOpsII: 5.11m/40.6m = 12.5% attach rate


                          PS3 BlOpsII: 2.92m/25.0m = 11.7% attach rate



                          All things considered, this isn't a bad showing. Considering that the PS360 versions had been on the shelves for almost a week (which is huge for a such a "front loaded" game) and didn't require a $299+ investment, I don't think Activision can be too bothered here. It'll be interesting to see how these numbers compare next year when (presumably)




                          ^credit to the guy that wrote that^

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                            Re: Nice "article" on BO2 WiiU numbers

                            There are many 3rd party games in the WiiU getting DLC and patches.


                            So the problem is not Nintendo. Just Activision.


                            Maybe they set the bar higher, I bet they would not set the bar as high if it was Xbox720 on his launching day. MS offers more money, and they don't like Nintendo. For every developer out there of course it is tough to think in terms of sales in a new console, that happens to every single console.


                            After the consumer has spent 350 bucks. The consumer has to decide to buy a game, an  usually exclusives get the 1st love first, then the 3rd multiplatform parties. All the number of COD players now could have been predicted before releasing the game. They can not say "we'll see how many game we sell and then we will offer patches and DLC", because that is unprofessional and unrealistic.

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                              Re: Nice "article" on BO2 WiiU numbers

                              Reason for low sales:


                              1. On a new console

                              2. Released 5 days after other versions

                              3. Offers nothing compelling over other versions besides wiimote support (which nobody seems to use anyway)

                              4. Is on a platform who's primary audience doesn't buy non-Nintendo made games.

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