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    Is today "Pick a Terrible Host" Day?

      I usually don't have a lot of problems.  I have been really enjoying the game for the past week or so.


      I know a lot of you think that I openly dismiss all the problems in this game(which is totally 100% untrue).  But today was pretty bad.


      Today I have witnessed what I want to say is the worst Host selection in my Black Ops 2 career.  It must be the time of day or something but I have never seen it this bad.  You all probably know what I'm talking about.  The game starts and Host is the only one with a green 4 bar and the rest of the lobby stays 1(red) bar through the whole game until it finally host migrates to another terrible host.


      I really hope they are tweaking host migration and matchmaking.  Cuz after what I witnessed today.  It sucks. 


      Just kinda wanted to rant a bit.  


      Flame on.