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    Let's get real, Treyarch ( Not directly multiplayer related)


      So, anyone that gets the Season Pass gets the Nuketown Zombies DLC, the whole point of buying the Hardened edition. So, pretty much, if I want to buy a season pass, I will have spent more on Black Ops 2 then the people that purchased the regular edition. Why did they even sell a Hardened edition just for us to have Nuketown Zombies for barely a month exclusively? I just don't get the brains on this one.


      Now, why should I purchase a season pass and feel ripped off? Just for multiplayer maps? At least do something smart and sell the zombies map packs seperate because they are the only thing of worth in these map packs. No new guns, or equipment to try out? No new scorestreaks? Only good thing I got out of the Hardened edition was the useless titles and TERRIBLE gun camo that isn't even catchy on the eyes!


      #No Season Pass for me or my friends.