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    Patience my friends

      My fellow console players (while saying that I don't have the wii u yet) with all the countless threads about "I give up" "where iz da patch?????" I would just like to ask, is this game worse than MW3? If the answer is no (which is most likely) then you should be patient enough to wait, lets say 2 weeks more for a patch. I played MW3 for about 8 months after its release, with the last patch in February and I could cope at the start and middle (DEFINATLY not the end). So just have the patience to wait a few weeks and in theory we should have more patches.


      Remeber, they don't need to patch this game and you didn't need to buy it.

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          It's not that bad in all honesty. There are some that you might get annoyed here and there..other than that...smooth connection, good (but still the same CQC from MW3), and there are overused weapons but there's still some variety going around once in a while but you will see some SMG'S rolling around.

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            Lets assume MW3 didn't have hackers because that has nothing to do with the game.  I would take it and it's perfect Wii remote controls over this right now.  That's how important controls are.  They are an essential part of an FPS game and without them the game is broken in my eyes.  Two more weeks?  I sure hope not.