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    Things that really piss me off in this game...

      1. Lag Switches: I wasn't entirely surprised that people were going to do this due to how bad the lag is in this game. (I was very "satisfied" when my tweets were ignored about the lag issues too.) I cannot get into any legitimate lobby anymore. I get cheated by the people who do this to many times. <_< It happened about 20 times tonight, which is ridiculous that so many people can't play fair and ruin the experience for everyone else. Why should I have to drop dead this many times because this one ****** decides to have the game freeze on my end with the end result being me dropping to the floor dead? This isn't fair at all, and something needs to be done about these cheaters.


      2. Lag Issues: Not that it hasn't been talked about in so many threads, but thought it was necessary to put since my tweet went ignored by Vonderhaar and there seems to be no progress in fixing it. I'm sure we can talk about this all we want and they still won't fix it (Just how many games need to be made and messages do you have to get to stop making bs remarks and fix the problem already?), so I don't need to explain this issue to anyone. "Great" job Treyarch. I'm really "glad" you did such an "amazing" job with this one.


      3. Probation: So you're in this lobby where you are doing an amazing job. All of a sudden, because the person grew tired of getting constantly killed, he/she leaves the game/dashboards. Now, you get kicked out of the lobby, and when you try to get into another game, you get a message saying you're on probation and can't get into a lobby for a certain amount of time because of someone else. Ummmm, why? -_________________________________-


      4. Lack of Rule Enforcement: This seems like a big accusation, but for a good reason. Out of all Call of Duty's I play, they almost never enforce some of their rules even though they make them. First, let's talk about the emblems. Sure you could say that this game is rated m for mature and that people shouldn't be fussing over certain emblems and all, but does that give people a reason to make RACIST emblems? No. Absolutely not. Putting run ****** run on your emblem shows that you're immature, and most of all, racist. (Me and my friends reported him, and it appears that nothing was done about it because I somehow got matched into a lobby with the same person.) If these sick people aren't having their custom emblem privileges taken away for making a penis go into someone's butt (which is violating your own rule Treyarch), fine. Be that way. At least ban the people who are making racist emblems and enforce your rule. Sheesh! If you aren't going to allow people to "name and shame" others, do your jobs and ban the people who are actually getting reported for these things please!


      5. Encouraged Camping: ...This is Call of Duty. Of course this was going to happen, except that due to the maps that were made (Carrier for example), camping is encouraged. Heck, there are even more headglitching spots than usual. Oh...and then something like the Target Finder gets put in the game that can make this worse? Yeah, "good" stuff isn't it? One reason why I never play hardcore game modes, which I hear took a hit with the removal of something. (Can't remember what it was.)


      6. Leaderboards: Not really piss me off, but more annoying from my perspective. It's based on score per minute on this one, which is kinda ridiculous since people can abuse that part of it and not ever play the game mode again, have their score per minute stay where it is, and be ranked higher than someone who plays the game mode more than they do.


      7. Connection: ...No comment.


      8. Modders and Boosters: I leave boosters to Lost in Place and his booster busters, but I still can't stand when people boost or mod. Speaking of which, someone sent me an invite to a boosting lobby. <_< (I still have the message and gamertag of the person who sent it. If only a mod would let me post it....)


      9. Matchmaking: Public Matches and League Play. What is the difference besides one having everything unlocked? (I believe most of you will get what I'm saying by that comment.) In my opinion, Leage Play is useless. (I had my hopes up on LP when the game was in development. I feel so sad now that I see it for what it truly is...)


      10. Hit Detection: ...I'm not even going to say much regarding this since everyone knows it's bad. Why my bullets don't register when shooting someone is beyond me. Don't say I'm complaining because you know it's true. <_<


      11. Spawns: ...No comment...


      12. Bouncing Betty plus Shock Charge: ...I am so glad that Tactical Mask can help you avoid being killed by this combo; otherwise, I would have quit this game by now.

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          Re: Things that really piss me off in this game...

          Agree with all. This is my first time playing a fps online and so far had nothing but frustration from this game. Just tonight on my last bloodthirsty to get the worthless automatic shotgun to gold and all other 3 already done so... I get to four kills... And the fourth guy I just killed spawns right behind me and kills me four seconds after I just killed him... I mean come on now. I was so passed that I just said f...... It. It took me forever to get gold on ksg because of its horrible hit detection... Getting killed through random objects of all sorts but even with fmj I can't seem to kill no one even through a wood door. People that are too highly proud of their awesomeness while playing in a group and talk **** to the lone wolf's the whole match. I went out and bought a headset just to now use it on mute all the time. Where is the option to turn off chat guys? I think that would be a common sense option. League play once again is just horrible for lone wolfs. Boring guns. Tired of getting owned while I try to prestige guns like lmg and some of the assault rifles. And what I learned from bo2 is that there is always some guy behind you so either find a corner or never stop moving. Anyhow not getting another game from treyarch at launch.

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            Re: Things that really piss me off in this game...

            u say bullets not register i have games not register not just one alots!!!i done with BS

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              Re: Things that really piss me off in this game...

              I didn't think lag switches worked anymore, though I do see people skip sometimes, I thought it was just random lag. Anyways, if anyone ever kills you more than once by skipping accross the screen, just report them. They don't even have to be in your lobby, you can report people on your recent player list. You might not think you are making a difference, but if a person gets enough reports, there will be an investigation.

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                Re: Things that really piss me off in this game...

                In general agreement.

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