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    Clan Recruiting: 2.00 KDR+ only! (Must use VSAT and above scorestreaks)

      One of multiple great games i've had.

      I get 3 swarms in one Domination game!

      2PRO going 75-0 on TDM (Black Ops 1)



      Clan Tag: 2PR0

      Clan Elite(Level 8): https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/5326532

      Clan Average KDR (Elite): 2.00

      Clan Average KDR (All): 2.10

      Clan Website: Twopro.weebly.com

      Clan Battle record: 10-1


      People we need (KDR can be lowered)

      • Girls! All girls can join, but must have a minimum of 1.30 KDR (We have one girl, she's 1.50)I
      • If you have a master prestige account, and it is hacked, don't bother joining.You MUST sign up for Elite (tells me if you're legit or not)


      Requirements to join: *Required*


      People with above 1.90 KDR. You can ONLY join if you are a team helper and use the following scorestreaks (And earn them a lot):*

      1. UAV
      2. Guardian
      3. Counter UAV
      4. VSAT
      5. EMP
      6. VTOL
      7. Lodestar
      8. K9 unit
      9. Swarm


      • Add me: CallMeShooter- *
      • Add/Message: ii_Xmystik_ii *
      • Visit the website atleast a few times a week (There are usually 7 clan members online...)*
      • Sign up on our Elite clan page (Preference in lobbies will SOON be given to those with gold clan tag, in case of full parties)
      • You must be legit, NO boosters, master prestige glitchers will be allowed.*
      • For under level 40, you must have 3.0 KDR
      • If you have alot of days gameplay, you may join with a 1.70, but must be good and have a lot of good scorestreaks called in.
      • Must keep clan tag at ALL TIMES. If you take it off, I will simply assume you're in another clan and delete you. (Alert me if you have friends in real life with tag)*


      About us:


      Well, we are a 2 year old clan, started in Black ops 1. We still have 5 original players who have been with us over a year!


      Well our achievements as a clan include:


      Getting 75-0 TDM (Above link) on Black Ops 1 (All those players still in 2PRO except crazylegs)

      Getting trash talked because of "2PRO" tag not defining us. Making them rage quit with 5 swarms in game.

      Make a clan rage quit TWICE (Left lobby, joined in same lobby after forfeit of game, left again)

      Get called hackers (7 times) due to proness (;

      Make a 9 man clan rage quit after saying "You guys are bad." Get called hackers afterwards


      Well we have our fun, we consist of mostly 2.0 KDRs and above (No, not level 5's with 2.0 KDR) We ALWAYS play together (Death hosts all the parties)


      Main thing, you MUST DEAL WITH OPPONENTS LEAVING GAMES. 90% of the time we LITERALLY make the whole other team rage quit. Only a few times they don't leave, and we end up a 1.0 average ratio. I'm not kidding, we always make them leave, even in ground war "Opponents forfeit in 20 seconds". You will get your KDR & WL ratio up with us. We usually get 3-7 VSATs a game!


      2PRO founder ~ Shooter

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