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    Where did my scorestreak go?


      Even though this only happened once, I still think this needs to be adressed since you never know if it might happen again. I was playing in a kill confirmed lobby when I got enough score to earn a Lightning Strike, but it instead told me that the streak was ready, but the icon didn't glow and it wouldn't let me call it. Has this happened with anyone else?

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          This exactly has not happen to me, however, I wanted to post an issue I have had in the past. I was playing Nuketown Demo. when I earned a A.G.R. When I threw the smoke to deploy the AGR it smoke appeared but the AGR never came. I know i threw it in the map but died before I could see it come in. However I know it never deployed. This has happen on 2 or three games in the past. Only with the AGR. When I went back to try and check the film and the film cut off at the end of round 1.


          Has this happen to anyone?