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    Looking to join a clan [PS3]

      Screw it, I haven't been successful in recruiting for my clan...

      I want to help a clan out.


      I don't want an all PRO clan, and I don't want an all newbie clan, just simply an average-good player clan.


      I don't want a BIG clan either, just a clan where everyone could get to know each other


      KD: 1.90-2.0

      WL: 0.60 [Was 0.75 today, but STUPID LAG ALL DAY]

      SPM: 400 [Again, it was 450 today]

      Score streaks: VSAT EMP/K9 Swarm

      Prestiege 2 Level 40

      I have a Mic

      16 years old

      Have Elite as well

      Have a clan atm, but it's really dead, so either a possible merge, or ill just go solo, since i 90% of the time go solo now.

      I can make clan websites [Not the REALLY good ones lol]

      Game modes: Hardpoint-Domination-Headquarters-Demolition-Ground War and MAYBE kill confirmed NOTHING ELSE!


      Sorry im really picky..also the leader must be good

      I would like to be introduced to people in the clan, i will actually play with people in the clan


      WARNING: It is POSSIBLE that I may clan hop if i don't like something in the clan...if i enjoy the people in the clan, i will STAY!


      CallMeShooter-    is my PSN give me an add/reply here


      ~Don't bother if your reply is one of those copy/paste clan requests...I want a personal invite from someone c: