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    What Happened to my Classes/Tokens?

      I'm not sure if this has been discussed before/recently, but if it has, I'm sorry for asking. I just finished playing a local game with my friend, and went to go play online. A notice came up, but I didn't read it (it probably explained the "problem" I'm having). When I went online, all of my classes had been reset to default, and I had lost my sixth custom class. However, the sixth class was still there when I checked Elite. All 22 of my unlock tokens had disappeared, and for some reason my 1 permanent unlock token reappeared, so I had to permanently re-unlock the item I originally used it on. All of my unlocked emblem tools and calling cards were marked as "new", even those I had unlocked on the game's release day. None of my stats were changed, but my clan tag is red-colored (and I've never messed with the clan tag colors before), and there's "26" at the beginning. For example, even in local, when I added my clan tag to my gun, 26 was at the beginning of it on the menu, but not in-game. The same applies to online. When at the menu where emblem editor is next to clan tag, the clan tag is all red and has "26" at the front. Have I been hacked or something? I honestly have no idea what happened, and even if it's nothing wrong, I just want to know why it happened. Thanks.