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    What a piece of junk.

      recievced this ratty piece of junk from a family member for an Xmas gift this morning and it don't work what so ever. My rig has never had issues like this with any game, bf3,bf2,ACR, AC3,AC brotherhood, swtor, WoW, Conan, GTA  or anything , and I mean ANYTHING. Try to start this piece of crap up and restarts my rig that was just built. I gave it right back to my family member and told them to take it back to walmart and get a refund, and that if they give any trouble about it then we will just call the credit card company and let them deal with it.  I have too many good games to waste my time on garbage like this.

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          Welcome to the COD forums, you must be a Xmas n00b. Enjoy the game!

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            Re: What a piece of junk.

            Let your family members know, if they want to gift you games, better gift it to you in terms of cash so you can get it directly via Steam yourself. Hard copies often have a tendency to be flawed or broken, dvd rom might not read it correctly, etc... Digital dowloads are 21st century man xD

            But nontheless you have lost nothing, the game is not worth it whatsoever.

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