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    Bus Depot Map of routes. Are DLC routes already on Map?


      Here is the Bus Depott map.  http://gyazo.com/4b41c7780d32efba48953c006a48ca55


      Here are the routes.  http://gyazo.com/7c53eb674c0e87786720c7765d30ec13


      Most of us think the DLC maps will be somehow linked to Tranzit. So are the maps already on the map? There is clearly enough room on the routes section to add four more routes the size, or even bigger than, route A.  http://gyazo.com/bf1baf743cc91e56f0c00739644efc99


      And if we only get 1 new zombie map per DLC, then we would be getting 4 new maps. (Hope we get more than 1)

      So counting route B, there are 5 unknown routes to us. There are also 5 dark shaded areas on the map.  http://gyazo.com/7ebdc237d0b12b0a858f9020d124f00f


      This may not mean anything as real maps would have shaded areas for a number of reasons, and they do not resemble the Green run area, but it does seem like those areas stand out. Maybe when the new DLC maps come, those routes will be lightened and a bus route will be added to the blue Routes legend.


      But something else that seems important is that Route B is already given. As if it was inlcuded with the current game. Knowing that there is more than enough room for four or more routes, and we are gonna get 4 DLC packs, then shouldn't route B already be on this map. I am someone who still thinks there is more to the EE, even if I have my doubts about how big of a find we are gonna make. It does seem like if there was a second route, we would have found it already, but something about this maps layout does make it seem like there should be a second route on the board already. The depot map is the first thing everyone sees when they start the board. Each character is facing it. So why put a route B now on that map if everyone had to wait for the DLC to unlock it. Especially when they left room to add DLC map routes.


      I personally enjoy searching and exploring for EE, even if it is frustrating, and I just like adding things like this, cause these are the things that keep me motivated that there is a little more to the map right now.


      Here is also the layout of the lamps.  I've seen a lot of maps that seem to have one or two out of place.  http://gyazo.com/eb395ad9c81ae458c40cc4dcd5400251