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    Black ops 2 zombies rank error

      A few weeks ago, after a zombie game, I was greeted by a message that told me to do an update do to a status change. When I completed the update I got another message saying "Error, it appears as though the persistant rank data for "My Gamertag" has  been corrupt. Your rank has been restored to the most recently stored backup lvl 3. After agreeing to the message I was deranked to a skull with no tally markes (my previous rank being a skull with 5 tally markes and blue eyes).  Yesterday, after just recently ranking back up to the skull with 5 tallys again, I was greeted with the same dreaded message. The same process repeated itself as I was once again reset back to just a skull. It seems as though it is immposible for me to rank past the skull with 5 tallys onto a skull with a dagger through it. Contact me here or on xbox Gt- Zemper axiiZ, all help would be greatly appreciated.Thanks for reading -- Matt Salvato