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    Accepting only GOOD players to 2PRO (PS3)

      Hey guys, if you do NOT meet 1.60 KD or 0.50 Win/Loss ...

      I'm sorry but you won't be able to join. IT IS FINAL (You may add me, and get your KDR/WL up but let me know first)


      Anyways, if you DO meet it, im looking for new people to join my Black Ops 2 clan. I have not been successful in recruiting so far, so i'm turning to forums now. It's a small clan right now, so don't expect constant parties. I will be playing most of winter break though, so i will play with you a lot.

      It is a NEW CLAN! I am going to make this a GOOD PLAYER only clan who play objective ANDget high scorestreaks! I got a few players now to join the clan, and most are above 2.0 KDR.(Our lowest atm is 2.02 , which is me...)



      Must have/make an Elite account on callofduty.com    [You MUST know your email/password for PSN] and sign up for our clan CLAN2PRO <=

      Must be active, and willing to recruit new players

      Must be respectful to everyone, and not talk bad to other people [Unless we're messing around in lobbies together]

      Must be a Domination/Hardpoint/Demolition/GroundWar/Headquarters kind of person, those are usually the only game modes we play.

      Must try to visit the clan website TWOPRO.WEEBLY.COM and chat with other members in the clan on the chat box.

      Must respect the "Don't keep inviting if he/she doesn't come after 2 invites" rule. [I don't like getting losses]

      Must be atleast 13.

      Recommended if you live in the USA. [Time zone problems]



      Now, my stats:


      KD: 2.02

      WL: 0.80

      Score Per Minute: 400

      Score Streaks: Low Level(Lightning Strike / Stealth Chopper / EMP)  High Level: (Orbital VSAT / EMP or K9 unit / Swarm)

      Game Mode: Domination - Ground War

      Weapon: M8A1 - 3.30 KD with this gun!


      If you're interested in joining give me an add, request an application on COD elite or visit the website!

      COD elite: CLAN2PRO


      My PSN: