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    ARs are just good as SMGs


      I was once one of those people that thought I could only dominate with an SMG in my hand. I didnt think they were OP but that they were better suited for most of the maps. After putting alot of time into the game I realized that I was wrong.


      You can go head to head with with an SMG and win. I realized that once you level them up and set them up properly that they too are beasts. Im not saying they are all good but right now I would go head to head on any map with the Scar or AN-94 in my hand. I loved the Scar in MW2 and MW3 but hated it in this game. I thought the recoil sucked in this game. Once I got foregrip and silencer things changed. The Scar is a headshot magnet. I had a game last night with 12 headshots.


      Honestly though with the right setup they are fantastic. I like to run 3 attachments on my ARs. I usually use grip, silencer, and stock. I like the stock because you can strafe left and right faster while ADSing. Anyone else figure this out after really giving them a chance?

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          If not better...

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            Haha yeah youre right, i find the scar to be nice The M27 is also a beast M8A1 destroys people and not such a fan of the AN94


            I find different guns need diff attachments


            Scar- I run this with Stock, Foregrip

            M27- Silencer, Red Dot, Stock

            M8A1 - Red Dot, Stock, Select Fire (this on full auto up close carves)


            and i have just discovered my New favourite


            Swat 556 - Red Dot, Foregrip, Select Fire have been gettin really good games with this gun subs dont worry me.


            People who complain aboput overpowed this or that just dont know how to use the right gun for the right gametype and map. People need to learn to adjust. All the guns have strengths and weaknesses its not until you understand this that you will see the true gun balance in this game, only gun i dont like is the PDW just think the headshot multiplier needs to be dropped a little but its more a case of its overused then overpowered the vector scorpion and MP7 will all beat it upclose becasue of fire rate, shotguns can smash the PDW to if you manuevor well. And if they put rapid fire on the PDW to win up close they loose the long range capabilities.


            Overall the PDW is in there as a gun thats an allrounder, a good gun for players who are still learning but not dominant across the board if you set your clases well

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              Always been an AR player, myself. I try other classes, but the ARs just feel right to me.


              I have used all of the SMGs in this game, but none of them feel as good to me as the MTAR. I love using the ARs, and am currently working on getting my camos done for them.. and it is taking me forever.  No worries, when I get them, I will have honestly and fairly earned them :-)

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                every gun beats an smg, you just need to know how to counter smg's with the gun you are using, thats all, hell, a ballistic knife can win against an SMG if you are precise, same with Shield + TOmahawks

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                  I still find running an AR class too slow compared to SMG class.


                  Maybe its because i've never been an AR player but the M27, AN-94 are my favourites.

                  Hate the m8a1. HATE IT!

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                    I always have Quickdraw on my ARs. If you don't have it, then you are an easy prey for SMG users in CQC IMO.


                    And yea I have no problems with SMGs.

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                      I agree. Watch this video about SMG's not being over powered and just as good as AR's

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                        Got diamond Shottys first and then diamond SMGs. iIm working on ARs now and I agree completely in capable hands the AR does not fear the SMG in any way. I really enjoy mid-range gunfights against these CQ type players and their weapons. It's also fairly easy to keep them at a range that you can dominate with the AR. It's all about learning to adapt to the gun and the situation.

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                          every gun in the game is good, but when people start playing SMG style with AR thats when they start saying SMG are OP, people are just idiots and do not understand that different guns call for different play styles

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                            M27 w/ quickdraw, stock and silencer is beast mode vs anything.

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                                Yep, I love the AN94 with those same attachments.  Quickdraw with stock gives you a much better chance of beating SMGs in heads up close encounters.  Being able to sight up quickly and have good lateral movement speed levels out the playing field a little bit.