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    Prove it!

      okay so everyone who attends these forums knows that there have been alot of threads saying that BO2 is broken (like every call of duty in the past saying the exact same crap). Why? Because of lag comp? hit detection? that one perk? or gun? is this game so easy anyone can do it? and I dont believe any of it. never have. MW3 had problems. Mw2 had BIG problems. way bigger then a simple half second delay. remeber infa-care packages? or unlimited E-drops!? how long did we wait for fixes for that?


      In Mw2 we Often came accross teams who would cry "You only beat us because you were using XXX gun". and I found the best way to deal with this isnt to sit there and argue with them. simply ask them what class set up they are okay with you beating them with. they give you a set up. you beat them. they go silent. To that end I wanted to make this thread and try to disprove the OP, you cant beat the SMGs and other things.


      So what I would like from the community here is to give me a legitimate pick 10 class that you feel is inferior because its outclassed by the other weapons/perks. I Will be posting the videos win or lose. (I have no problems being proven wrong). I will not accept classes that are ridiculous such as riot shield only. Use the pick 10 class to make a legitimate class like one you have used and felt was inferior because they had an SMG out.


      as for the lag comp rumor/truth war that has been going on here I ask that those of you who are saying that they have 4 bars and are having "lag" to post a video of it. and we shall see if it really is lag.



      I dont want this to turn into a flame war or anything like that. I honestly want to settle things and I believe alot of you would like the same

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          Re: Prove it!

          I could care less about the topic but I will give you one. It could be fun.


          M27- stock, quickdraw




          Hard Wired



          Tactician Wild Card

          Smoke Grenade

          Sensor Grenade


          LOL Have fun with that humdinger. Can't wait to see the video.

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              Re: Prove it!

              will do the video will be up later (ima make the class play 2 games and go to bed)


              ALL videos will be posted here. *EDIT* XD my bad, just realized I uploaded the un edited version of episode 2 and 3 but thanks to youtube i have fixed it... i think...


              First game is Hardcore SnD on slums:



              seond game is Hardcore Killconfirmed. for some reason the end of a few of these videos are missing from theater. the final stats for this match were: 35/16 with 27 confirms. run N gun the whole game and still got called a camper lol.



              Here is game where 3  we go back to my native homeland... CORE. This one is TDM on Plaza. i think the end is cut off in this one... The ending stats were 20-11 with 7 assists (not me best game ever lol)

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              Re: Prove it!

              I just love hearing 'I played a few games on blops 2 and struggled. I go back to XXXX and go *insert good kill/death game here*'


              Well, connection issues: they plague every single game when its new. It happens every. single. time. Yes its irritating, but its nothing new or out of the ordinary. It will settle down and become fine.


              As for being able to do fine in older games... is it really surprising that you can stomp in a game which you know inside out, and has lost the overwhelming majority of its skilled playerbase? Is it really surprising that you struggle in a game you know next to nothing about, including map layout, hotspots, camping spots, routes people like to take, what gun suits you, what class setup is best for you etc etc?

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                  Re: Prove it!

                  Bielsalmighty wrote:


                  I just love hearing 'I played a few games on blops 2 and struggled. I go back to XXXX and go *insert good kill/death game here*'


                  Well, connection issues: they plague every single game when its new. It happens every. single. time. Yes its irritating, but its nothing new or out of the ordinary. It will settle down and become fine.


                  As for being able to do fine in older games... is it really surprising that you can stomp in a game which you know inside out, and has lost the overwhelming majority of its skilled playerbase? Is it really surprising that you struggle in a game you know next to nothing about, including map layout, hotspots, camping spots, routes people like to take, what gun suits you, what class setup is best for you etc etc?

                  actually I find that I tend to do poorly in the first half and dominate the second. Its not because i know the game inside and out. has nothing to do with it beyond knowing the map layout which everyone learns. I do poorly in the first half because im learning about the enemy. I learn where these specific guys like to go and how they react to certain kinds of attacks. I find the ***** in their gameplay and destroy them.

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                    Re: Prove it!

                    Lol, I manage to die after unloading an MP7 clip into a guy that was near an exploding car. I even saw his body flinch. And he still didn't die, managed to dropshot me and a teammate who were both unloading a clip into him.


                    I think that's not my fault, its the game's fault.

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                    Re: Prove it!

                    For the life of me I can never understand why people complain about weapons and class set ups other people use.  We can all pick from the same options, so if what the other guy is using is that good, then why don't you make a similar class and go off and enjoy the same success?  I think one of the problems is that people expect to be able to pick up any gun and do well regardless of what tactics they use.  If I'm rocking an LMG, I'm not going to try running round the map like I've got an SMG, I'm going to use it for suppression and defending an objective.  If you want to rush around getting up close and personal then you want an SMG or shotty.  If you want the firepower to engage at medium to long range, but still have decent mobility and a good fighting chance in CQB then an AR will be a better choice.  If you want to control long sightlines take a Sniper Rifle and so on.  If what you are using isn't working then change your class or change your tactics.


                    For the purposes of this discussion I'm going to throw out that I think the iron-sight Ballista is the most challenging weapon in the game.  Your reflexes and accuracy really need to be on point to have any hope with that gun.  Even though it has OHK potential, I believe you put yourself at a natural disadvantage using that gun, but to me that's the beauty of it.  It takes a lot more effort to do well with and thus success with it is much more gratifying to me than when I use any other gun. 

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                      Re: Prove it!

                      Type 25 redot sight -quickdraw  Blindeye/lightweight 

                                    Cold blooded


                      b23r and a frag grenade


                      Only one of my classes works o.k should reallu use fast hands but i dont on this one..


                      let me know how,or how not it works..

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                        Re: Prove it!

                        I honestly don't mind the carepackage hacks and glitches etc etc...


                        and yes there has been lag in every Cod game..


                        but for me the lag comp is my one big issue.


                        I have never had a problem with peoples play styles, or weapon choice..


                        problems with hit detection etc are all actually related to the lag probme.


                        it's not the simple lag of people jumping around on screen, it's the delay thats frustrating to the point that sometimes you don't even see people on your screen but they are in plain view on the killcam. 


                        never known anything like it.

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                            Re: Prove it!

                            In all of the COD games I have ever played (since COD4) I have never been one of those guys that just used one or two guns all the time. To me it makes the game boring. A good player can use any weapon effectively.


                            If you have the intelligence to outsmart your enemy, reflexes to out play your enemy, and the aim to out shoot your enemy. Then you can use any weapon and be effective. Quickest way to outgun an opponent that has a better wep equipped than you is a head shot.


                            Just like shootin zombies...always aim for the head.

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                                Re: Prove it!

                                Totally agree with you.


                                I have always been an AR type of guy but am more then happy to pick up or use just about any other gun in the game.  The only things I don't use often are the LMG's at the moment.


                                I love the SMR and the M8A1.


                                I tend to lean towards being sneaky when I want to have fun so I run just about everything that will keep me off the radar.


                                Sneaking round a map and jumping 3 guys is very satisfying.


                                I will pick up just about any gun I find though.

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                              Re: Prove it!

                              Lag comp is a lot harder to deal with now and days then back when mw2 came out because now their r so many different Internet types they have to try and figure out.


                              For the person talking about ballista iron sights that's my fun class stick fast mag or extended mag to it I love it. It's when I don't care class.


                              Gots one for ya,

                              SMR;EXTENDED MAG AND GRENADE LAUNCHER( that **** is fun too)





                              FAST HANDS

                              DEADSILANCE (helps a lot more the. Ppl think)



                              Sensors grandes


                              This is a fun class not the easiest for me but I enjoy playing it.

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                                Re: Prove it!

                                Well, I can't participate, seeing that I either use ridiculous classes, or slightly unusual setups that work brilliantly (For my playstyle)

                                The only times where it feels I cannot counter them is when they are using a Select Fire FAL. SMG's rarely give me a problem, and when they do it's usually because I'm having a bad game or the player is fairly skilled.

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                                  Re: Prove it!

                                  I can deal with all sorts of bugs as long as the netcode is working properly.


                                  I am unable to enjoy myself as soon as some 12 year old from the future shoots me in the face.

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                                    Re: Prove it!

                                    And again I'll reply with a video, maybe this is what's happening during some gunfights:


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                                        Re: Prove it!

                                        Please post that on the twitter feed for ... V... whatever his name is etc.


                                        they keep asking for video proof that something is wrong when this stuff is all over the net and youtube.


                                        That's as broken as it gets and I have had the same thing happen to me.  At point blank range, the guy is not even looking and my bullets are just going through him.

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                                            Re: Prove it!

                                            Can you do it for me? If he wants to go to the source of the video then take him to me. I'll handle everything else from there. I simply don't want to dust off my Twitter account which I haven't been motivated to use in ages. Sorry.

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                                            Re: Prove it!

                                            LOL. Definately time for a new lobby when that happens. LOL

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                                                Re: Prove it!

                                                The thing is what you are seeing on my video is not "Lag-Comp" related. There wasn't more lag than common in that lobby. It was something with hit detection. And that same thing has happened to me various times during my youtube campaign walkthrough project. Hit detection is quite wrong in this game and could affect anyone at any time. That's when you know a game is a joke.

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                                                    Re: Prove it!

                                                    I know it happens alot when firing the ballistic knives even though it is close range and you have it squarely on their chest. Use em and record it. You will see what I mean. I have alot of friends who like to run em including me and we have all discussed the weird hit and miss hit detection with weapons. The knives will go right through em even if they are just sitting there like in your video.


                                                    Post a vid of the glitchy ballistic knives. I am too lazy LOL

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                                                  Re: Prove it!

                                                  that video proves nothing really. i for one have not seen that at ALL. unless im lagging due to MY internet. Where does he show that he had a decent connection and wasnt 1 baring because of himself? or that the host wasnt the one causing the problem.


                                                  example, last night i pulled host... and my family was on Netflix! one bars for everyone!! and before everyone rushses forward going "AHA! thats whats wrong with this game!" I have to say "AHA! its happened in every call of duty... and game... that uses host."


                                                  anywho sorry i havent posted the video, I played last night using the first class set up. But im not going to upload those (unless you all want me to, ask and I will.) its not because i did bad or anything like that. its because i dont trust the video as a legit test of that class. why? due to the fact that everyone complains about lag comp and all that, it wont be posted because my internet was actually lagging at the time i was recording those (i was noticing a lil bit of lag). SO as to avoid people claiming the game is broken ima just play again today and post the first 3 games. then i will do 3 games with the next class and so on.

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                                                      Re: Prove it!

                                                      It has nothing to do with lag, really. The first time it happened to me I was using the KSG and I quickly checked bars and everyone was 3-4 Bars accordingly. It's more like a Hit detection problem also present in the campaign (Which as you know is offline play.).

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                                                    Re: Prove it!

                                                    When i'm bored of using SMG's and have the feel of using AR's this is my setup:


                                                    M27 - Quickdraw, Suppressor, Stock






                                                    I use these very same setup as well on other AR's, and i'm having no problems dealing with SMG's.

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                                                        Re: Prove it!

                                                        Only issue I see with the game is lag. There are posts with video proving this. And no it is not your ISP, I have proven this with the help of couple of IT guys and a computer engineer. If you experience lag with a 4 bar connection with 250Mb/s download and 15Mb/s upload then it's not your ISP.

                                                        I played on such a connection for hours and the lag was the same as it is on my connection.

                                                        Treyarch needs to prove it is not on their end. Too many people post videos on youtube showing lag and hit detection issues. So why do they not seriously look into this problem and try to resolve it.

                                                        Denial isn't working for them. Perhaps they are just lazy or incompetent, or both.

                                                        As far weapons go, some are more powerful then others. I have never experience any issues with weapons being over powered. Well maybe 1, a shotgun haveing a longer range then an smg, which is not the case. This I recall in WaW and MW2 I think.

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                                                        Re: Prove it!

                                                        EDIT moving the videos to dif post.

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                                                            Re: Prove it!

                                                            So you pull host and lag out because of a netflix movie. that may be why your so "good".


                                                            I watched a couple your videos. and while your pretty good, i too have said well then what gun do you want me to beat you with?


                                                            unfortunatly, most of your kills look like wtf moments to me.

                                                            like your 1-2 seconds ahead of the other guy. like you shouldve died there. shoulda died there. you know.


                                                            I think black ops uses less than 1mbps. and netflix is 2600kbps from what i just googled.


                                                            that would put you around 3 mb of bandwidth. i assume your on wifi so you ping is prob pretty high.


                                                            to put that in perspective. ive clocked my cell phone at 22mb download and 15 up on a good day.

                                                            and in a house with only a cpl bars of 3g I get 6-12mb dl.


                                                            At my house i have fibre optics. 33 mb download everytime with variations less the 10kb through the whole test. if i ping my hometown i get as low a 5ms. upload is also around 30mb.


                                                            The best ping ive done is to japan (from west coast) at 135ms. not a vary steady connection. but that seems pretty amazing to me. for 6000 miles away.


                                                            ill bet the ping from your router to your xbox is higher than that.


                                                            If your 3mb wifi is 4 bars. then what is my 30 mb fiber optics. 10 bars. I think i would tip the scale.

                                                            I could watch 10 netflix movies download a bunch of rooster porn (black cocks 2) and still host multiple games of black ops before everyone in the room had 1 bar.


                                                            If what they say about lag compensation is true. then your the reason its broken. your the reason im 2 seconds behined in almost every match. your the guy who plays with a shity connection then post vidoes showing how good you are.


                                                            Ill bet you often hear people call you a cheater of some sort, this is why. your on the good side of the lag.

                                                            And no i wont post a video of me laging with "4 bars". theres 100's if them on youtube. trust us, it happens.

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                                                                Re: Prove it!

                                                                There is alot of water between Japan and the West Coast. I think water kind of amplifies it. That is why some of those islands surrounded by water can have good wireless crap.

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                                                                  Re: Prove it!

                                                                  yes when i do pull host it is complete BS and i HATE having host. not because im behind becuase of the possiblity of what you just mentioned. when I am host yes i am likely ahead of everyone else. I wish i could surrender the crap but i cant.


                                                                  and the majority of the time i am NOT host btw.  connection does matter but not nearly as much as you guys claim. and one night with my family using netflix isnt a game breaker ya know. its not like they are constantly giving me a bad connection.


                                                                  explain to me how I win when im host (but host gives you a disadvantage?!!!!) and yet i still win when I dont have host? i still win when playing on 4 bars, 3 bars, and 2 bars. shouldnt i only be winning with 3-2 bars if this game is as messed up as you all try to make it sound?


                                                                  and keep in  mind, theater acutally adds some of the BS you are seeing. its not a ton, but it is off alot of the time in theater. now it could because of lag, but thats been the case in every cod theater. (even my friends wit good interwebs complain sometimes about it).


                                                                  for example, that game I had on turbine, you see me shoot down an enemy, and keep shooting because i think theres another one there. until i realized it was just his foot sticking strait up in the air. at which point I ran over collected the tags, and then laid down behind his body and shot him in the foot thats sticking up in the air. I see blood gush out and i run off. Come back to theater system. I run up, collect the tags and then fire a good bit to the side of the foot. now i can see lag coming into play here but ONLY IF HIS BODY WAS MOVING. in anycase my guys aim was no where near where it actually was IN GAME.


                                                                  Superoo i will be uploading games played with your set-up today (i did them yesterday but will upload them today) and to fathertimeXX i am using your set up now (loving it for hard core, if you guys want BS i can show you some pure luck kills )


                                                                  EDIT!: I can record them games as i play them if you guys want so that if you believe im using the theater system as an excuse, i can attempt to prove that wrong.

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                                                                      Re: Prove it!

                                                                      well the whole point of lag compensation is supposed to give people with poor connections a fair chance against people with great connections.


                                                                      Or i guess just to make it closer to what your seeing on the screen. because unless everybody had the same amount of latency. everybody would be shooting the air. which i guess we technically are. the lag comp and hit detection are suppose to judge where they are in you screen as appossed to where they are in the theater and make as many bullets hit the "mark" as possible.


                                                                      but from everything that ive read. it puts a delay on the people with the a good connection to make up for the people in the room that have bad connections. so the guy with the best connection usually has a bad game if theres someone in the room with a 3mb dsl using wifi (high latency connection).

                                                                      The people with good connections are more negatively affected by it then the people with bad connections.


                                                                      I think the whole 1-4 bar conection system is pretty retarted. If it was accurate then you should never get 4 bars. that is if what i have is also 4 bars.


                                                                      If one netflix movie will use the majority of your bandwidth. then you shouldnt ever have 4 bars. and you should definatley never get host.


                                                                      I agree with you that it sucks to play with an advantage though( i would much rather play with an adventage then a dissadvantage though).

                                                                      When i first got black ops 1, i unknowingly had an advantage and thought i was just that good.

                                                                      Like I pretty much only played ffa and it was rare that 2nd place had over 15 kills.

                                                                      I won hundreds of games using just the tomahok.

                                                                      then about 3 months in, they patched something that gave me a horrible disadvantage. I went from using the g13(the 4 round burst gun) and get 1 or 2 burst kills. to taking 5 or 6 bursts to get a kill. same with the imfamous Famas. it was unusable for me after the patch. and has been ever since. and honestly bo2 and mw3 is 10 times worse for this then bo1 ever was.

                                                                      Half of my headshots are hipfired into their feet.


                                                                      This is before i ever looked at my K/D ratio. I didnt even know it kept track at that point. i just played. im definatley a much better player now. but compared to then my scores now are pretty much trash.


                                                                      I dont know if your wifi. im sure not every game you play gives you an advantage. but maybe you should try a wired connection. You can usually find good ethernet cables at thrift stores for like 50 cents.



                                                                      Who's going to win or loose is almost predetermened when the match starts. kinda takes the fun out of it. theres no skill involved anymore.

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                                                                  Re: Prove it!

                                                                  Executioner   long barrel  fast mags

                                                                  Hardline  flak jacket



                                                                  Wild card perk 1

                                                                  Secondary gunfighter


                                                                  Bouncing betty    


                                                                  I'm in love with this class atm try and use vsat dogs swarm with itget the vsat u just smash

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                                                                      Re: Prove it!

                                                                      I change up classes and what equipment I have depending on how I'm playing and the map. If I am sucking in a game I don't blame the equipment I have, but me. Or the lag. Mostly the lag, and hit detection.

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