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      i played three matches today and i ran into a$$holes with aimbots, this is ridiculous.  someone needs to fix this now!  as of now im backing out of every lobby with a 400+ score per minute with a huge k/d with very little capture points or confirm points.  i hope this game doesn't turn into complete trash with these hacks.  i might only have a 1.40 kd but i do have a 367 SPM in domination, i might not be the greatest but i know when im getting hacked on by a noob.

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          1. Re: AIMBOTS

          Well sorry to burst your bubble, but there are NO aimbots on XBOX. They do exist on the PC, but not the XBOX. What you are probably experiencing is lag. The players are not where you see them and it seems that your bullets aren't registering and you are instanly getting killed. This is due to the player you are seeing is not in that spot from the hosts data stream. You can thank lag compensation for that.

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            are you sure its aim bots and they are not just that good? and YES there are people that good. I ran into them during GB matches in BO 1. seemed like these guys never missed a single bullet. the second you were noticable they zeroed in on you like a hawk delivering 2 bullets to the chest. we accused them of aimbots. called them cheaters. time passed and we got better at GBs and we realized. they didnt have aim bots. they have really good aim.


            what may seem like cheating may simply be a difference in skill. another example is the whole "you have a modded controller" crap. I can fire the MK14 in MW3 at 6+ rounds per second (upto 9 if i abandon trying to aim). I dont have a mod. dont need one.

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              myevo8you is correct - no aimbots on Xbox 360.  Many of us have experienced games where our bullets don't seem to find the mark and we find ourselves on the receiving end of insta-death and this is always due to connectivity issues.

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                but he was actually chasing people thru walls and killing them them he knew you're there.  i had to watch it in theater to see see it.  it was purely pin point accuracy with a light machine gun.  even the whole lobby at the end of the match all said and witness the same thing.  i understand the lag comp, bo2 is by far the worst with it,  i can never beat anyone with three bars, bo1 i had a 1.87 k/d mw3 1.69 and this one i can barely hold my 1.40.


                im just saying, i witnessed it from 2 different players in three matches today.  they hardly miss, and they follow you thru walls and no exactly when you pop up.  first i've ever seen this happen in bo2

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                  Well there are also technically no mouse and keyboard allowed on the xbox version of BO2. Sure there are adapters but it will supposedly get you banned. Is that stupid? Yes. Is it unfair? Yes. I enjoy playing blops2 on XBOX due to the rarity of cheats, but I effing HATE controllers.

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                    alright ima take your word for it guys.  wish i can post a video of it.

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                      Aim Assist. It can make your reticle 'stick' to an enemy and track their movement. And yes, it can do this through walls. I've gotten the drop on people due to this before, no idea an enemy was coming round the corner until my reticle got snagged on something...

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                        8. Re: AIMBOTS

                        could they be using a mouse and keyboard?  i heard with that, all you have to do is point with the mouse and it hits dead on.

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                          LoL, I used to make my own hacks for PC games like Counter Strike. Sure I was really good without them and didn't need hacks but it was a fun and easy thing to do. PC = easy to hack, vs consoles are not nearly as easy.


                          Ohh, the good ol' days..  Before I started making hacks, I was always kicked from servers for "hacking". People didn't believe I was legit. Shoulda joined CAL.

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