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    League play "Awaiting Placement"????

      I've played and have been placed in leaugue play before. Now I tried Hardcore and have played over 15 matches over 2 days and still awaiting placement. What gives??? I have seen other posts regarding this problem but no resolutions. Help

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          Re: League play "Awaiting Placement"????

          You lost me when you brought Hardcore into the mix..


          What does that have to do with League Play?


          I know they started a new season, so you may need to go into League play and play a few matches.


          Not sure if you meant you played 15 HC matches or 15 League matches. Can you clarify?

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              Re: League play "Awaiting Placement"????

              sorry, yes I have played moshpit and was placed, i have played champions and was placed. then played team deathmatch series and am awaiting placement after 15 or so matches. for some reason i thought the games were hardcore in team deathmatch.

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                  Re: League play "Awaiting Placement"????

                  Hmm I am not sure.  Perhaps the League season hasn't started yet and you have to wait for it to do so?


                  Says this on Elite-



                  League Play is broken up into seasons, each lasting approximately thirty calendar days. At the end of a season, there will be a brief window of time before the next season starts. This period of time is known as preseason. During preseason, we are finalizing results of the previous season as well as adjusting the game rules and map rotations as necessary. You can play and practice during preseason, but these games won\’t count for league ladders. The current season and how much time remains in it will be displayed to you in-game.


                  I know the current season ends 1/2... Does it say anything about the season in-game?

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                Re: League play "Awaiting Placement"????

                does anyone know what to do? anyone to contact? i do know the leagues reset in a few days. may have to wait and see what happens then.

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