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    I have one good question to ask...


      Did the developers make the game for you or for everyone?  Because the way I am looking at it they made it for everyone.  Yes you have the right to post about your opinion but they wouldn't change the game to what you want.  If you don't want quickscoping, dropshotting, etc. because you cannot stand it, doesn't mean that it should be removed.  From my point of view, all I see is people wanting the game to support the themselves: to make the game "easier" for them by removing the skill from the game.  If you don't know already there have been major steps for making stuff like quickscoping, dropshotting, etc. harder over the past couple of years, but if you live in hole you probably have no clue.


      That brings me to another point.  People not having a clue about the stuff they post.  I will admit there are somethings that I have no clue about before I post, but check and see if my info is right or wrong and adjust accordingly.  Another thing is there extreme bias on certain subjects just makes no sense, it is like some people cannot settle for anything but what they want.  It is quite sad.


      This community just needs to grow up and learn that they cannot always get what they want.  Let me break it down for you, you will never get what you want unless you put the time and effort, even then you won't get quite what you want because that is life.  Deal with what people give to you and shut up.  If you don't like it, in truth no one cares.


      Thank you for reading my rant and hope you all learned something, that your opinion really doesn't matter to the developers because they aren't not making this game for you but for everyone.


      Have a great day.



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          I don't care about Dropshoting or Quickscoping, just fix the lag so "everyone" (this game was made for everyone, thats what you said) can enjoy the multiplayer.


          What is the point of this thread anyway? complaining about other complainers? thats not smart. Sorry i just being honest.

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            Thank you so much for posting this iivruummii. This is exactly right.


            What cracks me up is, we as a community can't even agree on what we agree on, and disagree about our disagreements.


            It kills me to hear people say "THEY RUINED THE GAME BECAUSE OF BLAH BLAH BLAH", and watch how the responses all say they don't have a problem with that.


            CoD has been so popular for so long because it appeals to so many different types of player. Everyone can find their niche and have fun with it. One is not more right than another.


            Excellent Post, sir!


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              Most of the complainers on this forum want the game for the way THEY want it to be.


              So far no one that has complained on this forum has ever come up with a replacement game for COD yet


              Still waiting .....


              There is a REASON why they made Private Matches in this game.


              PS nice post iivrruummii

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                i totally agree with OP but i do want to clarify to everyone the biggest reason why cod is so popular. when the first cod came out, it was a very good game that was an improvement to many others so people started to like it as it topped many other shooters and brought a new experience for multiplayer, so they told they're buddies and friends to buy cod 2 and the word spread around, by cod 3 the media was all over it because of its high fanbase and then most of us regulars hear about it and buy it. Today, there are many games that stand on the level that cod does and even might be better to some but it is becuase of the media and they're constent new updates and info on it (like for many other games) that make people buy it and play it.

                Not to say of course that i dont like cod, it is still my favourite game series with gta.

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                  I agree. There is nothing wrong with suggesting they change somethi in the game and give a reason for it. My problem is with these cry babies who say this game is ruined because of this this and this. If the game is ruined for you then don't play. Pretty simple. Most People really like this game that is why it does so well. These forums are a hot spot for cry baby complainers.

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                    so it's ignorant of me to want the spawn system fixed? it's ignorant to want a better lag comp system? i must be out of my freaking mind to ask for these things.

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                        I didn't say that. It would be ignorant if you were saying that the game is ruined with out it. Or if you tell every one not to play this game because of it. Or if you make multiple threads constantly complaining about it. The only thing you should ask yourseld is can I enjoy this game if these "problems" are not fixed. If your answer is no, you should stop playing this game.

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                        I Agree. Like you said this game is for everyone. So why is it that only a select few are really able to enjoy it? If nothing else but the lag comp was changed for this game until the next CoD game comes out i would be as happy as a fat kid in an icecream shop.  This game is for everyone, so everyone should have an fair playing field, and i know that 3arch wanted that. i dont think they intended for the game to play like it does... but you know? It does. It plays horrible for 80% of "everyone"


                        I think SMGs are OP but like i have said in many many threads.. if the Lag comp was fixed i may easily change my mind. if everyone saw the kill cams in my screen i do believe they would feel the same. ive tried making video but all im going to hear is theater theater theater... and when i upload them they always come out messed up.


                        So i will still say... THE LAG COMP NEEDS FIXED

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                          Today's gamers are just too self-centered and thinks that the game should cater to them instead of them adjusting to it. They have no patience to learn new skills and they don't want to put time to get better. They blame a lot of things in the game for their struggle and they never see themselves as the problem.


                          TL;DR: They think the world revolves around them.

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                            I laugh when you people say don't play. Check the number of players playing this game. Compare that to previous releases at this time and you will see the numbers are down. Looks like people are taking your advice. Every game the numbers get less(yes sales go up) but don't take my word for it.