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    Possible New Discovery Easter Egg Tranzit

      Hey everyone,


      Ive been following the search for a possible new easter egg. My friends and I have completed Maxi's side of the easter egg and just tonight we finished building the navcard table. I showed them all the cool lights that shine from the laundromat when you aim and shoot at it. After that we went over to the power station to turn on the power and the mystery box was there after we got the teddy from Diner. One of my friends randomed and got an M8A1, however, one of those orb things appeared on the box. Not only that, but another one of my friends saw another beam of light shine from that orb on the box to the top of the power cylinder thing that raises when you turn the power on. He was Russman and no one else could see that beam. We had not turned on the power at this point. So, basically, I think we might have found another beam of light similar to the one in the laundromat. We now speculate that there are four beams of light and each player has to activate one at the same time in order for the next step to work. What do yall think?