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      Hey its BlackMetroid95 here again. Haven't been on for a bit.


      I finally got my 8GB Wii U on boxing day (LAST one in Quebec..) set with 4 games including Black Ops 2. I was playing it, and its great. HD graphics, 3 control mediums (Wiimote is messed up though) you know, things you guys already know. But i was wondering- how do you play the game with one on the gamepad and one on the TV separately? The book doesnt help one bit. And now that i experienced the Wii U firsthand, i wanna know your guys thoughts on the system overall, or even Black Ops 2 itself. Heck, throw in your NNID's if you want, help populate a man's friends list This is just a general thread, post if you want.

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          Once you're in multiplayer (local or online doesn't matter)....


          First make sure you don't have the gamepad set to display the game. If you do, press the + and - button for a couple of seconds and you will get a prompt to switch it back.


          There's a note on top right of screen under your name the says: "Add Controller For Split Screen"


          Simply hit the A button on whichever remote you're going to add. A popup screen will show up labeled "SIGN IN."    Simple as that. Then one player can play on the gamepad with the sticks and the other can wiimote on the TV.


          If you only have one account linked to an Nintendo ID your only choice will be "Play as guest" which will create a second name same as the original with a (2) behind it.


          If you have more than one account linked you will also get a choice to "Sign In to Black Ops II Online" and then it will list the choices. The play is the same but if you have two accounts, both of their stats will save.


          Gamer ID's are listed at: http://community.callofduty.com/thread/200540926?start=0&tstart=0

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            Quebec? Nice to meet a fellow Canadian.

            Anyways, you will need to have your Wii Remote/CCP/Wii U Pro connected to your Wii U console. Sync it, and then press any button on the other controller, which then you will be prompted to either:


            A) Switch to the new controller

            B) Add a player who will be using that controller.


            This way, you can play with 2 players. Now, if you are kicked off of your TV for whatever reason, then this is something you could also do:


            If you want to play on the Gamepad, but still use the Wii Remote/CCP/ WIi U Pro, then on the Gamepad press "Display", and the screen will transfer over to the Gamepad. Once that's done, stand up the Gamepad, press any button on the, speicifc, controller, and confirm that you want to use that controller and you'll be able to use the controller while viewing on the Gamepad. You don't have to use the gamepad by default when in Display mode.


            To switch back out of Display mode, press and hold the + and - (on the Gamepad) at the same time.



            My thoughts on the console? Can't really say much on it now since i haven't been around for the last 2 hotfixes and patch. Before those fixes, i had an up and down relationship with the game. Now that i can't play it for another week and a half, i kind of miss it XD I have to wait till my vacation is over till i can play it, and when i do i'll get back to trying to get gold camo on all weapons. I have the DSR, Ballista and XPR gold already. When i'm back, i'm going to get started on the SVU. I really want diamond camo for my snipers

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                Yeah, its nice to see another Canadian though i believe codcanuck is canadian too. Where you from?


                I think the update didnt help the OS speed at all, but the Wii U is a pretty decent console. Black Ops 2 is the best COD since COD 4, and it runs great. My only qualm is the Wiimote settings.

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                    I'm a Manitoban, although currently i'm staying in the US. I'm in Canada for the far majority of the year, but i'm in the US for several weeks every year. I think i'll move to a different province in a few years though.



                    I like Black Ops 2 a fair amount. I can kind of understand the issues with the Wii remote, but before the last 2 hotfixes and patch, i didn't notice anything very odd while playing. I got Black Ops 2 for Wii U over getting it for the PS3 because of Wii Remote sniping, and even though things were kind of odd at first, with the controls, i still enjoyed using it. Proof of that are my gold camos Going for headshots only in Black Ops 2 is kind of scaring me a bit since i still haven't figured out how to get headshots in this game yet XD I got to figure out where the fine line is so i know where to aim. Sometimes i get the headshots, and sometimes i don't.


                    I haven't seen how the Wii remote's been acting after the patch and latest hotfix, but make sure you're not using float, but centre for scope reticle. That might help?



                    The OS speed will probably be looked after properly after the holidays, although i don't think they can make it work as fast as PSN. The OS isn't completely integrated with games. It seems like the 3DS's OS.

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                  Yeah, I was trying that too. It should give the wii mote (ccp) the whole screen and the gamepad person can play on his gamepad.

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                    I would say stick with the gamepad on, its interesting that you can access the Scorestreaks much easier with just a single tap on the touchpad screen without even pausing or anything as such and its really neat on giving a larger "bird's eye" view of the entire map if a friendly UAV or VSAT is on. I'd say that it's fun but gets annoying once in a while but you will get the hang of it Pre-hotfix/patch i never experienced a single problem because of smooth hit detection and little to no lag...well on my end. Add me when ever you feel like it its: The_Racer

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                        Sorry it didn't help.


                        Don't understand what's different for you and infinitlag, my son and I play together, he's on the gamepad and I'm on the TV (the whole screen) using the wiimote.....local, online, zombies, the works.


                        Are y'all HDMI? Trying to grasp at straws to see what the diff could be....

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                            I see. Well im using the HDMI, it makes the resolution look sharp and clean as water depending on the tv. It's capable of going up to 1080p (mines is 1080i) So if your tv can go up to 1080p then go to your Wii U Settings in the main menu screen as soon as you start up the sysytem, and go to an icon that says TV Resolution and choose the picture quality option to your liking.

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