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    If you're still playing this game and need a team

      My buddy and I are looking for exceptional players. We're not interested in modders, nor do we mod. I would like to include a little bit about both of us, our playstyles, and how you can join us on XBL.


      Myself (Pragmatic Troll) 33rd Prestige

      Youtube: SlauncherTroll

      Team Deathmatch rank 448 / 14,500,000

      1.95 KD / 2.45 KD (after 20th prestige reset)

      Highest Kills in one TDM game - 52

      Primary weapons-



      TDM Moabs - 13


      Partner (iFury Reaper) 30th Prestige

      Youtube: JagoFury

      Team Deathmatch rank 158 / 14,500,000

      2.25 KD / 2.29 (after 10th cap reset)

      Primary weapons-



      TDM Moabs - 42




      We have lost some great clan members over time from inactivity. Some players just don't have the same amount of time as before. Others have retreated to new battles. We would like to add new people to our team, especially if you fit one or more of the following -



      -KD above 1.5

      -Team Deathmatch focused

      -Wanting to improve your KD without camping



      For further details please feel free to reply, alternatively you can Message me on XBL if you're ready to step it up. Yesterday (12/28) I solo'd a 5 man clan that rage quit at 42 kills over 12, so running with someone that is interested doesn't bother me, nor will you be dead weight. Of course a microphone is a must, not a kinnect.

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          Re: If you're still playing this game and need a team

          Unfortunately, I haven't yet received a reply from anyone on this forum board. Rather than steer this into negativity, I would like to ask:


          1. Does anyone here play Team Deathmatch regularly?


          2. What prevents you from playing Team Deathmatch? (A game mode prioritizing kills over objective spawn traps)


          3. Would anyone at least want to try teaming up? ( You might enjoy the endless winning and Moabs. This does not mean you have to join/leave any clans.)



          Footnote: We ran 4 deep last night, 30+ victories, 1 moab (dome) and everyone's KD went up. I see this as a WIN / WIN possiblity for even the newest player.


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              Re: If you're still playing this game and need a team

              Hey i could be interested but whats your requirements? Ive never been in a clan before and dont no much about being in one in regards to a certain time or amount of playing time im currently ranked #340 i think in T.D my K.D is 1.7 but the weekly an monthly scores the last couple of months my K.D is always above 2 i think my T.D moab count is around 21,22 im a run n gun style just constant rushing thats the only way i know how to play look forward to your reply thanks :-)

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