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    The one thing that really kills this game

      Yes yes, there is the aa on the dc, we have all heard it but really it isn't THAT bad (No nintendont don't use this to your advantage), there are OP guns but after the FMG9 akimbos from MW3 nothing is OP.






      There is no way you can play this game the way it is supposed to be played with these spawns. When half the time you are shot in the back, your team spawns all over the map. Every time I spawn behind an enemy which is 80% of the time, and kill him I feel BAD because if I was him I would be pissed off.


      Go back to MWR spawns. You were always near your team in a group fighting the enemies who were in a group in the well designed maps. The only way you would get shot in the back when someone actually FLANKED. You never walked past anyone because you were always in a group. In this game you see the killcam (I like the killcams, I watch them) and see a guy shoot you in the back with that target finder (legit red box) and you say "Oh, well played, he flanked me" HE DIDN'T FLANK YOU, HE SPAWNED RIGHT BEHIND YOU. The second you walk past halfway, the spawns flip. But you shouldn't walk past halfway because

      1. There is "skillbased matchmaking"

      2. The other team should all be in a group










      PLEASE!! I plead

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