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    open the silver doors in town

      idk if this has to do with the navcard reader or only the red lasers that come from the silver doors in the town but heres what happended to me and a buddy last night... the game froze(as usual) on round 2 but we could still talk and move around the map. recieving no damage from lava and no fog we exporded EVERYTHING. even tho we or the bus hadnt left the depot. all the doors were "unlocked" more invisible really. you could see into the rooms but couldnt enter any of them. we honestly found nothing new or of interest. UNTILL i got to the town and noticed something off... 


      if you dont know here are two silver doors in the town that shoot red lights "lazers" after reciving enough damage. one by the mystery box spawn and the other across from the side entrance to the bar. were the door real it would lead into a laundry mat, to a set of double doors which would open to a bowling ally. geographally the second silver door would lead to the rear entrance of that bowling alley.when the doors take enough punishment, the light shoots round the town and toward the power obilisk which must be activated 1st. (TOB)

      HERES THE STRANGE PART! when i got to the town there was no door to the laundry mat!! the front door was missing completly just like EVERY OTHER door you can open in Tranzit! i couldnt enter the door but i couldnt enter every other building i could normlly enter. to me this means one thing... that door can SOMEHOW be opened after completing tower of babble. maybe knuckles or the thunder gun? idk ima try tonight if i get a group. but if you look where it would lead you can see something has crashed through the roof into the bowling alley. maybe someone will reconize it from moon or another map i havent played? SOMEONE HELP US FIGURE THIS OUT



      add me if you want PS3 papagangsta86